Money tricks, love and money, gas savings, living paycheck to paycheck, and the worst financial mistakes.

1. 29 Quick Money Tricks

Budgets are Sexy — J. Money was “feeling bored and unproductive” recently, so he emailed some friends for inspiration. He asked them: “What’s a quick trick you do with money? To save, invest or pay down debt, etc.?” The responses were enlightening and informative.

Here are two answers that may surprise and amuse you. Every time one family does a load of wash, they put $2 in a jar — they call it laundering money. And they actually just bought a new fridge with that saved money. Another blogger pays herself $10 every time she eats out. You can also save money by changing your impulse buying habits.

2. This Woman Left Her Fiancé Because He Wouldn’t Talk About Money

The Penny Hoarder — There’s no doubt money issues can ruin your love life. Experts have issued multiple studies on the subject. Here’s more proof. This woman’s fiancé wouldn’t discuss his finances — and he also wouldn’t help pay the bills, even though he was living in her home. She let it go for many years, but finally got smart and broke off the engagement.

She understood that the situation would probably only get worse. That’s how it usually works. So now she is dating a man “who is very forthright about every detail of his finances.” Sounds like a smart move.

3. 8 Smarter Ways to Use Your $1,000 Savings on Gas This Year

Money Talks News — Gas prices have dropped dramatically since 2014 — they are now less than half the price. So, what are we all doing with this “found” money? If you haven’t been keeping track, Jim has some good ideas. The first is: “Destroy some debt.” Do it now, don’t hide from your debt, it will only grow.

The sixth way is: “Invest in your home.” That’s only a good idea if you do smart upgrades. Some upgrades don’t increase your home’s value. Here are 5 green home upgrades that also buy you a tax break.  Check out the other ways you can use your money in a worthwhile manner.

4. 4 Tips To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck

MoneyNing — Connie found a recent poll that reported “76 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.” It’s a terrible situation. So she came up with some tips that can help out this dire predicament. The first is: “Change Your Lifestyle.” That’s really all about improving your financial awareness.

The last one is: “Stick to a Strict Budget.” You can use these budgeting tips from If you prefer setting up a budget using an online tool, check out the budgeting and money management tools PowerWallet offers for free. Just following a budget will definitely help your financial situation.

5. 13 Financial Advisors Share the WORST Financial Mistakes They Have Ever Seen

Good Financial Sense — Read this post and avoid the crazy financial blunders these people committed. The first one was committed by a man who retired at age 60. He decided he wanted a new truck. Now, he did have a portfolio worth about a million dollars. But that’s not a lot — especially when you must make it last your whole life.

He was also buying the truck out of his retirement account. The total cost, including the taxes he must pay on the retirement money, was $86,000. And let’s not forget that an automobile’s worth depreciates as soon as it leaves the dealership. Review the other mistakes and check out these 25 worst financial mistakes.

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