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1. Debt Paying Tip: Round Up to The $100th!

Budgets Are Sexy — Author J. Money quickly explains how lying on his budget has saved him thousands. He rounds up to the nearest hundred dollars to pay down his mortgage.

2. How to Get Bread for $1 or Less

Money Talks News — “Man shall not live by bread alone,” is a well-known expression. But how about, “Man shall not pay more than a buck for bread”? Donna Freedman tells you how to never pay $4 for a loaf again by buying bread in places you might not think to look — like thrift and outlet stores.

3. 31 Delicious, Cheap Recipes That Use Up Your Herb Garden

Wise Bread — has told you how to quickly and easily start growing your own food.  But if you grow herbs, can you really eat them all? The answer is yes, if you use some ingenious recipes. Like this, which include herbs in everything from cookies to cocktails.

4. The Unhappy Call

The Simple Dollar — We’ve all been told we can haggle at garage sales and flea markets. But with Internet providers and utilities? The author, Trent, tells you how he did it — and saved $1,300.

5. Big Reasons Why You’re Getting an F in Personal Finance 101

Len Penzo — What’s your grade in the personal finance department? Not sure? Len will help you find out. And if you’re getting an F, he offers extra credit to help you bump up that grade — from emergency savings funds to differentiating between wants and needs and just learning how to say “no.”

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