80 ways to make money, paying off $60,000 in debt, P2P lending, pay yourself first and cheap summer activities.

1. 80 Great Ways to Make Money in 2015

Well Kept Wallet — Making more money is always a good thing. This week Laurie came up with 80 different ways — and she separated them into six categories. Two categories that caught my eye include: Make Money Filling a Need and Make Money by Doing Something Different.

In the “need” category I liked “offer at-your-door car washing services.” In the “different” category renting out your car windows for ads seems like an easy cash-generating plan. Ask local businesses if they’re interested — you never know.

2. Out of $60,000 of Debt in 18 Months by the Age of 25

Save. Spend. Spurge. — The methods this blogger used to eliminate her large debt may not work for everyone, but the lesson in determination is inspirational. Student loans are a killer for many graduates. Debt.com has reported on tuition assistance and other methods to help alleviate the debt.

This blogger found a good-paying job right after college, negotiated a higher salary and basically shunned her personal life until the debt was paid off. There’s more to the story, including 10 lessons she learned while paying off the debt.


3. How P2P Lending will Get You to Debt-Free Faster (And Cheaper!)

Money After Graduation — Since we’re on the paying off debt theme, here is another method. Debt.com offers advice and lending services for P2P Lending. As this blogger indicates, it’s an alternative that’s less hazardous than payday loans and more forgiving than the strict guidelines that dictate traditional loans.

She seems excited about only having one monthly payment instead of many payments, like credit cards, student loans and more. Of course, once you pay off your debt, don’t charge on those credit cards again. You’re still responsible for paying off the P2P loan.

4. Teens and Money: Teaching the Concept of Pay Yourself First

Clever Dude — While it’s a great idea to teach your teens about this concept, it’s also useful for adults. Brock got the idea because his son asked to open a bank account. And now that he has a job, Brock believed teaching the young man a few money management techniques was his responsibility.

It’s a short but educational read. For additional information on saving money read Debt.com’s Ask the Expert and this informative post on where to get a bank account that earns you money.

5. Cheap Things to do With Your Kids This Summer

Eyes on the Dollar — It’s about that time of year when school ends and the kids need entertainment options. Or maybe it’s the parents that need them. Anyway, spending a bundle on summer camps or other programs may not fit everyone’s budget. So Kim came up with nine cheap ways kids can have fun.

I enjoyed the “take advantage of the community” section. Outdoor parks and libraries offer all kinds of cheap fun during the summer. Check out your local parks online or visit the library for a list of activities. You can also share ideas with other parents in the neighborhood.

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