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1. Why We Are In No Hurry To Repay Our Student Loans

One Smart Dollar — The common wisdom with student loans is to pay them off as fast as possible to minimize paying extra interest. But Scott Sery explains why he and his wife are doing the exact opposite: Paying the bare minimum on around $22,000 in loans. They’ve got three good reasons you probably haven’t thought about.

2. “United States of Texas” – What America Would Be Like Under Conservative Tea Party Influence

Money Crashers — Whether it’s dystopian or utopian depends on your politics, but Michael Lewis has an interesting look at what would happen if the Tea Party got everything it wanted, including the financial implications.


3. 50 Fun Free Activities My Family Enjoys

The Simple Dollar — It’s easy for adults to find free ways to entertain themselves on the weekend. It’s a bit harder to find something the whole family can do for the same amount. Trent Hamm offers some fun ideas, ranging from pillow forts to gardening. And he doesn’t expect you to like them all. “It’s likely that half (or more) of the items on this list won’t appeal to you,” he says, but you’re sure to find a few good ones.

4. Should I Become an Uber Driver?

Lazy Man and Money — The anonymous and eponymous Lazy Man heard about the do-it-yourself taxi service Uber and decided to look into what it takes to become a driver. His research is fascinating: Who knew you could make money avoiding rush hour traffic?

5. From Hobby To Profession: How To Do What You Love And Get Paid To Do It

Penny Thots — Jon Dulin offers both caution and encouragement for people considering making a buck off their downtime. Pretty handy.

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