Stay cool without air conditioning, cheap cell phone plans, a healthy financial future and credit card reward tricks to avoid.

1. 5 Strange Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Money Talks News — Summer is here and heat waves are already striking parts of the country. In the most dire cases, heat waves cause electrical failures — meaning no electricity and no air conditioning. But even if that doesn’t occur, saving money by using less air is appealing.

One strange cooling method I used as a youngster is “take an icy foot bath.” For a quick cooldown, it seriously works. Maryalene provides some other interesting cooling tactics. I may try the second one, especially dealing with the Florida heat.

2. Don’t Spend Money on Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

Enemy of Debt — The subject of this blog is similar to “Don’t spend money on things you don’t need.” Travis was at a marathon fitness expo and a salesman at a booth approached him selling “self-massaging inserts” for his shoes. Travis liked them. They felt good. Then the man said they were running a special — $40 instead of the regular $53.

Travis thought about this purchase. What he came up with is very interesting and a good lesson for all of us. The key is, he took the time to think instead of rushing the purchase.

With a good password identity theft is more rare, but we can make you more secure.

3. 7 Cheap Cell Phone Plans We’re Looking At

Frugal Rules — I think people spend too much on cell phones and TV/internet plans. I do. John found a study that reveals the average Verizon bill is $148. It’s insane and John is tired of it. He’s looking to save between $75 and $100 each month.

He and Mrs. Frugal Rules finally chose a new plan with Cricket. And they are saving $100 each month with no quality issues. Along the way he found seven other cell phone plans for our review. He also provides the details for each plan, which is a bonus. Now we all can start saving money.

4. How to Gift Yourself a Healthy Financial Future

red debted stepchild — Here at we discuss retirement planning a lot. We even have a whole news section on retirement. Although Kara is not directly talking about retirement here, she is addressing how we can all improve our future financial outlook. And with that advantage comes the security of knowing you can retire someday.

One thing she plans on doing is saving more money. Whether that’s in her 401(k) plan or other savings resource, it’s a good idea. Planning ahead is essential. Check out these additional money management tips so you too can plan ahead.

5. Don’t Be Fooled! Watch Out For These 5 Credit Card Rewards Tricks!

Money Manifesto — Considering the number of people using credit cards and scouring the market for the best rewards, this blog is very helpful. Lance has been researching a bunch of credit cards and found these “tricks that credit card companies might use to keep you from earning and redeeming” your rewards.

One trick is getting you to spend more. As Lance says, you must limit spending. Don’t spend recklessly because you’ll get more points. Earning rewards is fine, but putting yourself into credit card debt is not. After all, you’re really not earning anything except more debt.

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