Living expenses, financial anxiety, buyers remorse, saving tips and more.

1. 6 Quick Ways to Save Money on Living Expenses

Debt Roundup — We can all adjust our living expenses. For example, a few weeks ago I cut my cable bill nearly in half and I still receive the same channels and services. I negotiated the deal after threatening to cancel my service. I’ve been a customer for a long time, so they worked with me. Grayson offers us six additional ways we can reduce our expenses.

The fifth way is: “Entertain Yourself Cheaply.” Cut back on restaurant visits or only hit the movie theatre once a month. Grayson also provides a few links to other posts that give you cheap entertainment ideas. After you read his posts, read this one on how Leonardo DiCaprio can help save you money.

2. America’s (and my) Financial Anxiety

I Pick Up Pennies — Abigail quotes a recent survey by Northwestern Mutual that found 36 percent of responders are more anxious about expenses now than they were three years ago. “Unplanned expenses accounted for 55 percent of the worry.” That’s more than retirement and credit card debt worries.

And a staggering 70 percent says “their happiness is impacted.” One way we can assuage the “unexpected expenses anxiety” is by building an emergency fund. Unfortunately, Abigail doesn’t feel entirely safe even with an emergency fund in place — although she does recommend having one. Check out what’s worrying her the most.

3. How to Find Time to Make More Money

Making Sense of Cents — We’d all like extra money, but sometimes finding the time is difficult. Not anymore. Michelle has come up with eight tips that we can utilize.  The second one is: “Wake up earlier.” Many people don’t get enough sleep as it is, so this option also means you should hit the sack earlier.

The third tip is: “Get rid of time wasters.” For example, don’t watch so much TV. She quotes a Neilson study that found the average American “spends 40 hours each week watching TV and movies.” And TV is not the only time waster. Our addiction to social media also squanders time — nearly 2 hours a day for adults and a whopping 9 hours for teenagers.

4. 5 Tips for Avoiding Buyers Remorse

Len Penzo dot Com — Like Len says, almost everyone has had buyer’s remorse. The first time I got a case was when I bought a used car in my twenties. It looked cool, but was a clunker. I never fully checked it over. I just hurried up and bought it because of it’s exterior. Within the first week I was kicking myself.

Len bought a house in his twenties, but failed to realize how lousy the nearby trains would make the living conditions. With that being said, he hopes his lesson prevents you from making the same money mistakes. The last tip is: “When in doubt, walk out.” If you have any reservations about the purchase, walk away. Take time and think about your decision carefully.

5. 18 Ways to Save $100 This Week

Money Talks News — You can use these 18 ways at any time and save money. The fourth one is: “Skip costly entertainment.” Allison suggests using the local library. You can find interesting books and DVDs. You can also replace expensive movie tickets with local, free community events.

The seventeenth way is: “Track your expenses.” You can use the money management tool PowerWallet for your tracking purposes. Check out this post by Howard Dvorkin, chairman of on saving money by ignoring it. And don’t forget to check out the rest of Allison’s list.

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