Here are's favorite personal finance posts from other places this week — no Y chromosomes allowed

This week, I get in touch with my feminine side and feature female financial bloggers who deserve an audience…

1. What my relationship taught me about money

From Dear Debt — Melanie celebrates her six-year anniversary with her boyfriend by recounting what she’s learned about love and money. “In our six years, we’ve dealt with him being unemployed, me being unemployed, me being a breadwinner, both of us being in school at the same time, and being long-distance.” Melanie started her Dear Debt blog 18 months ago. She had one goal: “Pay back my debt within 4 years, while enjoying life to the fullest.” Seems like she’s on her way.

2. 10 Ways To Survive Wedding Season Without Going Broke

From Financegirl — It’s wedding season. “And if we didn’t know it by the photos on Facebook, we would know it by looking at our bank accounts,” laments blog owner Natalie. While some of her tips are basic (“Shop sales and outlets”), the most important is in your head. Say “no” without feeling bad. Natalie even proposes creating a wedding budget for all those you’re thinking of inviting.


3. The nonstick one always gives me the most grief

From The Frugal Girl — OK, this isn’t deep financial advice, but it’s damn funny. Blog owner Kristen cooked banana chocolate chip muffins in a nonstick pan and a “plain old muffin tin.” Guess which one stuck and which didn’t? “Nonstick performance goes kaput in a disgustingly short amount of time,” she says.

4. Beauty on a budget: 5 uses for coconut oil

From Girl Meets Debt — The unnamed owner of this blog says she’s “just your typical 29 year old girlie Girl.” Whatever that means. But she adds, “I’m that Girl who has over 758 different lotions in her bathroom cabinet and 139 assorted lip glosses.” So when she offers coconut recipes for hair masks, I believe her even if I’ll never do it myself. Although she adds, “Normal shaving cream has a lot of chemicals in it. Coconut oil is much more natural and will leave you with smooth, silky legs.” Wonder if that works on beards.

5. TaxQuips: student loan interest

From TaxMama Tax Quips — Eva Rosenberg is “the original TaxMama,” which implies she’s spawned imitators. While she stresses her site is “not a replacement for a real tax professional,” she offers some pithy advice. Her answer to this question was my favorite. “Taxpayer paid off her student loan using a home equity line of credit (HELOC). Is the interest still deductible?” The answer is no, but the explanation is interesting.

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