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1.5 Father’s Day Gifts For Dad That Will Improve His Health

Nerd Wallet — Father’s Day is this weekend, but not only are these good gifts for Dad, they’re great for procrastinating offspring who still haven’t gotten a gift yet. Many can be bought right now at a local store, and other ideas (like apps) can be bought online immediately.

2. 44 Guides to Free Concerts Across the Country

Cheapism — This site is best known for its unbiased product reviews that focus totally on value. But it also offers lots of helpful lists you won’t find elsewhere. Like this one for finding free live music in 15 major metropolitan areas.

3. Portable Air Conditioners: Not So Portable, Don’t Cool The Air

Consumerist — This blog by Consumer Reports always offers interesting news and reviews, and none are more timely this hot June than those newfangled air conditioners on wheels. But Consumerist says they offer “crappy cooling” and “They’re also very heavy, weighing 80-100 pounds, and not all that portable.”

4. How to negotiate when you hate negotiating

Get Rich Slowly — Ideally, you’d never need to haggle over the price of anything. But as writer Krstin Wong points out, “In an ideal world, the weather would be perfect.” So you might as well spend five minutes reading this quick rundown of same basic tactics anyone can employ.

5. How Much is Your Friendship Worth? On This Site, Up to $2,000 a Week

The Penny Hoarder — It sounds like a scam, but this writer tried it out. A site called RentAFriend will match you with someone willing to pay to hang out with you. The concept started in Japan, spread to Asutralia, and is now here in the United States.

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