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 1. 5 Tips for Purchasing a New Home

One Smart Dollar — Purchasing a new home isn’t a simple process, but this post will help put you in the right frame of mind if you’re just starting to think about it.

2. Home Depot Gift Cards Make My Money Go Further

Lazy Man and Money — Not everyone goes out and drops $4,000 on gift cards for a single store, but if you have to spend that money anyway, you might as well save where you can. Lazy Man explains how he knocked about $500 off a remodel project just by using gift cards — and you can use that principle pretty much anywhere.

3. The Power of Working Your Career

Free Money Finance — The headline undersells the story, which actually comes from one of the site’s readers, an early-career engineer who had never negotiated a raise until he started reading the blog. Not only do you get his first-hand account, but his tips at the end are more specific than you usually see on these “ask for a raise” stories.

4. The Pros and Cons of Being in a Union

Give Me Back My Five Bucks — “[My boyfriend] is part of a union for a very large national company, and loves it,” says Krystal Lee. “Meanwhile I’ve worked in a union environment on 3 separate occasions (provincial government x2, municipal government), and left all 3 times.” That puts her in a pretty good position to write what’s great, and what’s terrible, about working within a union.

5. Does it Pay to Raise Chickens in Your Backyard?

Money Talks News — What’s not to love about an endless supply of fresh eggs and poultry? Well, chicken healthcare. And the cost of feed. And local zoning laws. Even if you have zero interest in owning chickens, this is a fascinating read.

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