Frugal myths, never pay full price again, costly daily habits and money-saving July 4th ideas.

1. 5 Common Myths of Frugality

frugaling — Most frugal people don’t appreciate being called cheap, and Sam is no different. This list affirms that frugal living is living a smart financial existence — not simply being a cheapskate. So it makes sense that the first myth associated with frugal living is: “Buy the cheapest products possible.”

That’s not what frugal people do, says Sam. They look for quality products at the best prices. Another myth that bothers him is frugal people don’t tip well.  I live frugally when possible but tip very well, especially when the server deserves it. If you’re anti-frugal, check out this list. It may change your mind and money habits.

2. 15 Ways to Never Pay Full Price for Anything

Money Talks News — A professional bargain hunter says retailers sell merchandise “40 percent to 45 percent at a discount.” And with that in mind, here is a compilation of ways you can save that money. The first one is easy — just ask the sales associate “if a better price is available.”

If you’re shopping online do the same thing but in the chat window. The eighth way is sign up for emails from your favorite retailers. But avoid the onslaught of emails by creating a filter, which redirects them to another folder you only check when you need a deal. Saving money is now simple.

3. Which is Better: a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA 

Get Rich Slowly — At we talk a lot about saving for retirement and IRAs. We even discuss why you aren’t saving for an IRA and show you how to start the process. This blogger clears up the confusion between a Roth IRA and a regular or traditional one.

One big difference is how the money you contribute is taxed. With the traditional IRA, you usually pay taxes on the money when you withdraw it. With the Roth, the money is already taxed and grows tax-free. You also withdraw the money tax-free. There’s a bunch more information in this blog so keep reading.


4. How Much Are Your Daily Habits Costing You?

Engineer Your Finances — Reviewing your daily finances a couple times a year can be alarming. Many people don’t budget for, or even think about these expenses. This blogger brings up three costly daily habits that can impact your finances if you’re not tracking them:  coffee, cigarettes and alcohol.

But there are so many more daily expenses you can review. How about daily amounts of soda or Red Bulls, the money you spend at the vending machine in the office, lunch, happy hour, scratch-off lottery tickets and more. Start making a list and then start cutting that list down.

5. Cheap 4th of July Fun — 7 Great Ideas

Barbara Friedberg — We’d be remiss if we didn’t include cheap thrills for the fourth. Barbara gathers some great ideas, but the one that really stands out is “free entertainment.” After all, the majority of firework displays are free. Another cool idea is throw a potluck barbecue. This way you’re not burdened with the full expense. Barbara also includes informative tips after each idea. Enjoy your weekend events.

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