Whether you should drive a taxi, when you should haggle, and what you should download.

1. 10 Essential Personal Money Management Apps

PTMoney  Budgeting? Gas prices? Deals? Credit scores? There’s an app for all that, and Jason Price lays them out. “Any smart phone deserves a portfolio of solid personal finance apps,” he says. Don’t believe him? He links to reviews of each one he recommends.

2.  Don’t Be a Wimp! 22 Things You Should Always Haggle For

LenPenzo.com  If you’re paying full price for DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket service, you’re paying more than double what you can get away with.  Check out these other areas where Len says you should fight for a better price. He even tells you how much markup to expect for many of them.

3. 3 Benefits of Downsizing Your Life and Living Lean

Money Crashers  Michael Lewis strikes down all the misconceptions about money common among the under-40 crowd. Then he makes the case for living within your means now — so you can go skydiving when you’re 90. And it’s all supplemented with interesting links and stats.

4. No easy way around extra paychecks

Punch Debt in the Face  If you get paid every two weeks, you know the drill. Some months you get two paychecks, and some months you get three. Ninja explains why it’s better to budget as if every month meant just two checks, if you can afford to.

5. 5 Questions With Harry Campbell On Earning Extra Money With Ridesharing

Wallet Impact  Chris Holdheide interviews a driver for do-it-yourself taxi services like Uber and Lyft about whether it’s worth it, how to get started, and the risks of the job.

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