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1. More Ways to Save Money on Medical Bills

Color Me Frugal — Medical bills cause millions of people anxiety. Luckily, the big three credit reporting agencies won’t add delinquent medical bills on consumers’ credit reports until after they’re 180 days late on payments. But that shouldn’t stop you from finding a way to save money on medical bills.

Dee says if your bill seems suspicious call and inquire about the amount owed. Another great tip is get an estimate in writing. Many people become so nervous about an upcoming test or procedure they don’t even think about the cost. Another option is a medical credit card. Use caution though. You don’t want more credit card debt on your plate if you can help it.

2. 10 Important Money Questions You Need to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Luke 1428 — It is amazing how many couples don’t discuss finances — one of the most vital aspect of a relationship — before they marry. Marriages fail because couples realize (too late) that they’re not financially compatible. And the breakup could end up costing them both even more money.

Two questions that caught my eye are “what’s the status of your credit report” and “should we have joint or separate bank accounts.” These are huge questions that must be answered. The other questions also require attention, but the most important thing is discussing money with your partner — don’t wait. Here’s some additional information on finances for young couples.

3. Our Ten Money Commandments

Our Freaking Budget — After blogging for over two years this couple jotted down what they’ve learned.  Some of the advice is typical, but still useful — like building a budget that works. One that I really like is “Think about money for the times you don’t want to think about money.”

In other words, start an emergency fund. A financial crisis can strike at any time, and if you don’t have money saved up, it goes on the credit card. Here are some drastic measures you can take if you don’t have an emergency fund. But in all seriousness, start saving.


4. Done with Roommates? 48 Ways to Afford Living Solo

Money Talks News — After graduating college some people are fed up with roommates. If that’s the case for you, save money using these ideas. One alternative is living with your parents for a short time. Aside from that, you should “Think small.” A studio apartment may work — and it’s cheaper.

Also, cut back on going out for meals, don’t pay for cable — you can always get Netflix or Hulu. Other desperate measures include investigating your neighbors’ trash for old furniture, check the “free” section on Craigslist, and give lots of blood.

5. How to Control Your Spending Issues

Young Adult Money — We talk a lot about saving money here. Erin discusses spending. She labels the different types of spenders: The Impulse Spender, The “I Deserve it” Spender, and so on. If you spend too much, you probably fit into one of these categories.

After she lists the categories, Erin discusses cures for each spending addiction. For example, the impulse spender should limit their funds. If you’re going shopping, don’t bring a wad of money. I would also include — leave the credit cards at home. They make spending easy. Check out the rest.

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