Home repair scams, cheap hobbies and a year without clothes.

1. The 9 Biggest Home Repair Scams

LenPenzo.Com — Home repair scams happen daily. I once worked for a termite-exterminating company that blatantly ripped people hundreds of dollars off on a regular basis. I quit after a week. Len Penzo comes up with 8 others, and no surprise, termite companies are on his list.

The most interesting scam on his list is mold identification services. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not recommend sampling, which these services will charge for. And remember, if a provider offers any of these services for cheap, or if they’re not licensed, just say no.

2. The Importance of Having (Cheap/Free) Hobbies

Saving Money in Your Twenties — On a rainy, boring Saturday, Ashley and Mike were stuck inside. They didn’t want to nap the afternoon away, so they decided to go to a local beer tasting. That led to dinner next door and before they knew it, $44 was spent.

She wasn’t upset, but “it made me realize that we need to come up with some more cheap (or free!) hobbies…” And she’s right. When people get bored, they end up at the mall or some other place that entices them to spend. What cheap/free hobbies do you have?

3. What a Year Without Clothes Did for Me

Frugalwoods —  Mrs. Frugalwoods didn’t exactly waltz around nude in 2014. She wore clothes, but didn’t buy any new ones — except for a pink belt that cost .50. This exercise in frugality helped her become satisfied with what she had and made her realize “buying clothes doesn’t define you…”

She experienced other benefits, too. She prepares for work quicker, feels more self-confident, and no longer thinks about clothes from “a consumption-oriented viewpoint.” Although she does admit to still feeling a bit vain when it comes to her looks.

4. 5 Unconventional Ways to Save Money in 2015

Frugal Rules — Cat’s advice to save money is controversial, but she practices most of them. Her methods include not eating meat and “freeze your tush off.” I don’t mind turning down the heat or keeping the AC at 78, but a 58-degree home in winter would be challenging.

Another tough one is getting rid of your TV completely. She suggests reading books instead. Check out her other ideas and let us know if you have any unusual methods to save money.

5. Debt is Not Forever!

Color Me Frugal — For 2015, Dee is joining in the Debt is Not Forever Movement. It’s a mass effort by bloggers “to help people the world over get out of debt.” They are asking those who are interested to share and “get in touch with the reasons they want to be debt free.”

With so many people suffering from debt, it’s almost viewed as a normal situation. Dee and her fellow bloggers want to change that viewpoint. If you’re interested in joining the group, check out the website — and good luck getting rid of your debt.

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