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1. How to Stretch Your Budget by Trimming Everyday Waste

Color Me Frugal — Everyday expenses, like buying food or gas, become automatic. We expect them, so we just pay the cost and move on. But those are the expenses that add up. Yes, getting new brakes for your car hurts, but those expenses happen occasionally. If we can find new ways of cutting our grocery bills or utility costs, it would most certainly help our budgets.

And that’s what Dee does for us in this post. She comes up with ideas such as meal planning and plotting better travel routes so you can save gas money. Another great idea is making a list before you grocery shop. Buying food that you don’t really need is simply wasting money. Review her other ideas.

2. 8 Ways to Quickly Build Up Your Savings Account in 2016

L Bee and the Money Tree — Lauren understands that saving extra money is difficult — especially when you have other expenses that take priority. But you can create inventive methods that help save money. She did. One interesting idea is: “Do a No-Spend Challenge.” You can still buy necessities, but stuff like coffee or energy drinks at the local convenience store are off limits.

She also recommends that you “pay yourself first.” It’s a cool concept. Once you get paid, you can automatically have money placed into a separate savings account. It’s like the money was never there, because it’s gone before you can spend it. Check out this post – it’ll help you save on prescription drugs, which have become a big money burner.

3. How to Stop the Money Problems in Your Marriage for Good

Luke 1428 — Money problems can definitely cause marriage misery. Brian believes one key way you can prevent those problems is communicating with your spouse about your finances. He say’s: “Communicating as a couple is the critical first step that will lead to solving money problems.”

He also believes budgeting and securing your financial future is essential. I’m guessing he and his wife combine their cash and have joint accounts. Most Americans believe combining your finances with your spouse is important. But some still believe the secret to a happy marriage is keeping separate accounts. How about you?

4. How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Saving Money

Money Talks News — When one spouse saves money and the other spends freely, trouble ensues. Maryalene understands that if you’re a saver and this happens in your marriage, it’s frustrating. But you must stop nagging your spouse about it. If you keep nagging him or her, chances are they’ll spend even more because they’re tired of hearing about it.

Another way you can save with spouse who spends,  is automating an account. We mentioned this when discussing the first post by Lauren. Maryalene says,  “If cash isn’t in the checking account, you can’t argue about whether it should be spent or saved.” It’s easy. Here’s another post regarding money and failed marriages.

5. 4 Things I Do Every Month to Manage My Money

Young Adult Money — Managing your money may seem like a full-time job. But DC says: “Managing your money does not have to be time consuming.” One thing he does is a priority. He pays off his credit card debt, along with his other bills.

He also tracks his income and expenses on an Excel spreadsheet. He confesses that he’s an “Excel nerd” so that method works for him. You may not share his feelings.  If that’s the case, there are other choices available. partners with PowerWallet, which offers free money management tools. There are a couple other tips that DC offers. Give them a look.

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