How to send two kids to college, have a meaningful career, and shun brand loyalty.

1. How to Send Two Kids to College on a Teacher’s Salary

Budget Blonde — Guest blogger Jenna relates an interesting story about her parents: Just after they were married, “my parents found out they were pregnant — with twins!”

Being college graduates themselves, they understood the expense and sacrifice it would take to educate two kids. So as the kids grew up, they made sure to let them know that everyone would have to chip in. Jenna and her sister studied hard and both received “a 100% tuition scholarship.” They also worked part-time during the year and full-time in summer. She says that the most “crucial” element of their success was all four were on the same page from the beginning. They worked together.

2. Can You Have a Meaningful Career and a Good Paycheck, Too?

The Broke and Beautiful Life — Guest blogger Jasmine Howard starts off with, “When people are choosing careers, they often think they have to make a choice between wealth and personal fulfillment.”

She doesn’t believe that’s true and uses a recent survey by to find five jobs that offer both. For instance? Surgeons, engineers, and pilots.

3. Refuse to be a Customer In Training

Frugaling — This post confronts the topic of marketing products to kids. Sam brings up fond memories of his Ikea bedroom furniture as a child — and how he feels nostalgia manipulated him into spending hundreds of dollars on more as an adult.

Sam gives us three tips to prevent our kids from developing brand loyalty Stay away from companies “that target children.” For instance, Whole Foods, with their small kid’s carts that brazenly place a flag on the cart that says “Customer In Training.”

4. How I Manage My Finances So I Can Save Time and Worry Less

Making Sense of Cents — Properly managing money is a pain. It’s tricky and time consuming, and mistakes can cost us. Michelle tries to make it easier by providing examples of what she does.

Her best advice: Keep a single bank account, automate payments, and set up bill reminders on your phone calendar.

5. Getting Life Back Into Balance

Club Thrifty — Greg’s 5-year-old daughter recently voiced her disapproval about him missing a wedding because of work. This was not the first event he missed — but it was the first his child noticed, and forced him to consider his work/life balance.

He ruminates on a few adjustments he could make to improve his life balance and shares them with us. Greg plans to make time to exercise and eat properly, get more sleep, and increase family time.

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