Money mistakes, vegetarianism and cheap gas prices mean trouble.

1. How to Stop Making Bad Money Mistakes Again and Again

Luke 1428 — Brian admits to making poor money mistakes in the past. But what prompted this post was his realization that he kept repeating them. So he came up with five steps to prevent it from happening again, which you can use too.

The steps include “analyze the why”, “identify the trigger” and “create your pathway to change.” A little technical, but it could help. He also gives reasons why he spent — a miserable day at work, for example. He offers advice for people who make bad money mistakes. Check it out.

2. What’s the value of going vegetarian?

Wallet Engineers — The Wallet Engineer believes a vegetarian diet is healthier for you. But how it impacts your budget may be another story. The biggest concern is affording the proper type of protein.

He provides a list of proteins and analyzes the two types of protein and how your body absorbs them. He also confesses he’s not an expert, but if you’re interested in a vegetarian or pescatarian diet (one that includes seafood), it’s an interesting read.

3. Financial Freedom: 5 Difficult Steps To Get Out Of Debt, Create A Simple Budget, Plan For The Future And Regain Control Of Your Finances

The Minimalists — The title is a mouthful and these two guys follow it up with a bunch of advice for you to mull over. The five steps include: budget, invest, get debt free, minimize and contribute.

I especially enjoyed the investing section. The program they use (Betterment) seems to break things down in a convenient manner. In the conclusion they let us know that this won’t be easy. But like they say, we already knew that.

 4. Consume More Gas at Low Prices? It’s a Trap!

20 Something Finance — Cheap gas is good news, right? Not according to G.E. Miller. He says it’s bad for the economy, environment and the American people. He contends  “Americans are pretty damn shortsighted.” Our expert said something similar, just a little more kindly.

That’s because we not only drive more when the gas is cheaper, we also purchase gas guzzling vehicles. And when the gas goes back up, which it always does, we’re stuck. And as far as being bad for the economy — check out his argument. Makes sense to me.

 5. How to Save Money When Your Income is Really Low

Frugal Rules — This brings up an interesting predicament — saving money when you don’t have any to save. Cat gives us three things you can do to generate extra cash. The most interesting is #2 — watch the floor at the mall for dropped change — although I don’t know how much money you’ll generate by doing this.

What drastic measures have you taken to save money?

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