The most important topic, retiring rich, irregular income, lowering bills and grocery shopping tips.

1. Why Money is the Most Important Topic Imaginable

Catherine Alford — Catherine believes she’ll receive “some backlash from this post.” Mainly because topics like health, family and others are usually viewed as more important. But she argues that focusing on her family would be impossible if she was “$20,000” in debt. So for her, money matters and educating her kids about finances comes first.

She compares learning about money with learning how to drive. Young adults don’t just jump in a car and go — they practice and are taught by adults. You should give money management that same attention. She says “read about personal finance” and pass on your new found knowledge. This way you and your kids will avoid a future financial car wreck.

2. 10 Guaranteed Ways to Retire Rich

Money Talks News — Before supplying us with some promising retirement strategies, Maryalene first marches out some alarming stats from professional services firm Towers Watson: median savings for workers ages 51 through 60 years is $49,000, and savings for people ages 30 through 40 is $30,000.

Then she provides 10 ways people can amend those numbers. The fourth one is: “Don’t leave free money on the table.” That means, if your employer offers a 401 (k) match and you’re not taking it, you’re wasting it. It’s literally free money. Check out her nine other strategies and then watch this video on how much you need to save for retirement.

3. How to Save Money with Irregular Income

Stefanie O’Connell — Stefanie quotes John Sweeney, EVP of Retirement & Investing Strategies at Fidelity Investments:  “by 2020 more than 40 percent of American workers will be freelancers.” As a consequence, predicting their income and meeting their savings goals will become more challenging.

If you don’t earn a steady income stream, use these four tips and start saving money. Her second tip is: “Know Your Make or Break Number.” That number is the “minimum” amount of money you need to survive. Once you know it, don’t ever dip below it. Here are six more ways you can save enough money for retirement.

4. 5 Expensive Bills I Lowered Just By Calling and Asking

The Financial Diet — A college professor once told Anum “everything is negotiable.” You know who else said that? Walter White from Breaking Bad. Anum recently used that advice and called five different companies with one goal in mind — cutting his bills.

I’ll use his fifth example, “Cable and internet services” for personal reasons. I’m calling my cable service this week. He says if you always paid your bills on time and really have a backup plan — like switching to a competitor — they usually negotiate. He received “a year at the discounted rates given to new customers.” I think I’ll shoot for that same deal.  Check out his other negotiation tactics.

5. 6 Things You Need to Know About Grocery Store Aisles

The Dollar Stretcher — For shoppers, grocery stores are money pits. They’re even set up to make you spend more money. For example, think about product placement. Eye level items are the most expensive. That’s because we “can easily see them” and usually buy what’s easily seen.

You know what else is easily seen — aisle endcaps. Laura says “Don’t be fooled” by them. Companies pay a premium for that space. So if they’re spending more money, guess who else will, too?  You must match the grocery stores spending strategy with a savings strategy. And Laura provides a shrewd strategy in her post. You can also try growing your own food.

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