Millennial home owners, frugal skills and cheat codes

1. What We Gave Up To Be Millennial Home Owners

L Bee and the Moneytree — Lauren starts this blog by sadly reflecting on all the travel opportunities she missed. But then she reminds herself why that occurred — “I bought and have been renovating a house.” She also gave up “flexibility” and “becoming debt-free.”

Then she also recounts the things gained by becoming a millennial home owner. It’s an interesting read and one our millennial readers should check out, especially if they’re not sure a home is worth it.

2. 7 Frugal Skills You Should Know

Color Me Frugal — This blogger loves being frugal, but understands it can be a challenge finding new ways to save. So she came up with seven different frugal skills that will help you cut costs and become “more self-reliant.”

My two personal favorites on her list are cooking and entertaining yourself. I personally enjoy cooking and it’s a great way to eat healthier and fill your fridge with leftovers.

3. A Different Take on Saving Money on a Used Car

Modest Money — Here’s an interesting take on buying used cars — buy a car from a “dead manufacturer.” That would be the likes of Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Suzuki, and others. Don’t worry about repairs: there are plenty of parts still available for these cars. He also gives some great tips on getting the most money for your “dead manufacturer” car when it’s time to sell.

4. 7 Habits to Make Your Day More Efficient and Money Conscious

Debt Free Guys — “More money and more time,” that’s what the Debt Free Guys want to help us get. The result is this list. My favorites include “Download the FREE AnyList App” and “Pack Breakfast and Lunch Before Going to Bed.”

The list app really comes in handy if you’re forgetful like I am. And I’m a big believer in packing your own lunch the night before and at least preparing something for breakfast the next day.

5. Unlock Your Financial Philosophy Cheat Codes

My Money Design — MMD’s son recently got a book of cheat codes for his video games. They’ve given him great skills to destroy his enemies. Dad thought about that advantage and realized he’s “found multiple cheat codes that have helped me to improve both our family’s finances as well as our quality of life.”

He lists five of them. My favorite is “Buy Assets, Not Things.” It’s not an easy philosophy to live by, but when he uses credit card debt as an example of wasting money on things, it rings true.

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