Sell your clothes, don't work hard and save on car insurance.

1. Make an Extra $300 Selling Old Clothes

The Broke and the Beautiful Life — Stephanie from The Broke and the Beautiful Life recruited friend and fellow blogger Nicole Soul to show how to make money by selling old clothes. It’s a short and informative video, only about three minutes.

Nicole also shares her favorite sites and apps that will help you clear out your closet. The top two include Poshmark — which “combines thrifting and social media.” When you sell something at Poshmark, they give “you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope all ready to be dropped at the post office.” She also recommends Threadflip, where users can sell clothes, jewelry, shoes and more.

2. Is Hard Work Really Worth It?

Retire by 40 — Melanie says she embraces “hard work and wears it like a badge of honor.” She’s been a house cleaner, dish washer and a hard-working writer, among other things. She has always associated hard work with making more money — but she recently read a post about working less and making more money.

So for 2015, Melanie is going to work less but earn more. How? In her case, she will “raise her rates” for certain clients, “create a digital product, like an ebook,” and go after bigger projects. She concludes with “I think there is something to be said about working smarter for your money, not harder.” How will you work less and earn more in 2015?

 3. Credit Card Mistakes That Can Lead to Debt

Making Sense of Cents — Michelle points out to her readers that the average credit card debt for U.S. households in debt is $15, 611. With that shocking number in mind, she gives us five things not to do with a credit card, including ignoring the terms and spending just for reward points.

4. The Importance of Being SMART With Your Goals

Dividend Mantra — This blogger “loves setting personal and financial goals at the beginning of every year.” But he also believes in using “SMART criteria” first introduced to him by George T. Doran in his paper published in the November 1981 issue of  Management Review.

It’s an acronym, which helps you set achievable goals. The letters stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. He gives an informative description for each word in his blog. It’s a must read for anyone considering a financial goal this new year.

5. 5 Ways to Get Better Car Insurance

Student Debt Survivor — Car insurance can get pricey but it’s one of life’s necessities. Saving money on it helps and Mike’s tips will come in handy. The first bit of advice is “compare and contrast.” Don’t do a brief search. Do a thorough one. Next, ask your insurer about deals because they probably won’t tell you if you don’t ask. And last, improve your driving skills. Take a course if available — it could save you a few bucks.

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