Frugal weirdos, free stuff and ruthless gift giving.

1. 7 Great Gifts for Frugal Weirdos

Frugalwoods — The Frugalwoods family admit that it’s hard to buy them gifts. They say it’s “quite tough to buy for the person who has nothing and wants nothing!” The problem is, their family wants to give them gifts. So they’re offering up a list for everyone who struggles to find something for frugal people. Even more useful: What not to buy. They say not to get items that they can buy used like clothes, or “splurge” on items that they’ll probably “re-gift.”

Go for sensible stuff like “bedding and linens” or tools — they even love paint brushes and sandpaper. They also prefer footwear and socks.  In the end, this is a win/win situation. Your frugal friends get to enjoy their practical gifts, and you don’t waste money on things they don’t want.

2. Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Saving Money in Your Twenties — Free stuff is always cool and Ashley worked hard to find this list. But she does ask you to do two things before you take advantage of these freebies. Double check her research before you go out for your free stuff and “use those fancy email filters before you sign up for all these lists.” She says your inbox will get inundated with emails from these companies.

The companies include Baskin Robins for a free scoop, Dunkin Donuts for a free medium coffee, Jersey Mike’s for a free sub and drink and Starbucks for free food or drink. Check out her entire list for more places and the details.

3. Guidelines for Giving Great Gifts

Six Figures Under — Instead of buying random gifts, even if you got a great deal on them, use Stephanie’s guidelines for giving gifts that count. You’ll feel better about the money you spent and the people that receive the gifts will appreciate them.

Stephanie starts with “Something Useful.” She says, “…get something that will serve a purpose or fill a need for the recipient.” “Something You Love” also tops her list. If you find an item that you love, “share it with others.” We don’t want to overspend so “Something in Your Budget” is included. And don’t forget “Something Consumable.” She believes they’re a great alternative to “trinkets” or other clutter-creators.

4. My Ruthless Christmas Gift Plan

Sunburnt Saver — From frugal weirdo gifts, to great gifts and finally ruthless gift giving — we’re certainly setting the tone for the holidays. The Sunburnt Saver was “several hundred dollars in debt” this time last year and is determined not to repeat her overzealous gift giving practices.

So she made some rules for herself, and they may make sense for all of us. Rule No. 1: If she hasn’t hung out with a person “outside of work or group activities more than three times” no gift.  No gifts to faraway college friends this year. Rule No. 2: She’s not getting gifts for everyone in the office. Rule No. 3: No more “fluffy” expensive gifts. She is getting practical gifts like a Target gift card.

5. 7 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Spending

Young Adult Money — Since this is the season for buying, tracking spending is a good idea. Erin says, “Tracking your spending also forces you to look at your financial reality, and that’s not a bad thing.” She’s right. Let’s take a look at a few of her reasons.

Tracking tells you where your money is being spent. It gives you an idea of your “spending habits.” You’re more aware of your bank balance and “you’ll be aware of questionable charges.” That’s important, especially this time of year and with fraud becoming more rampant in our society.

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