How ads cost us money, why lengthy auto loans suck, and how to make money on Amazon.

1. Save Money by Not Using So Much

Lazy Man and Money — This post is short but makes you think. Lazy Man points to a toothpaste ad that shows 3-4 times as much as you’re supposed to use, and then thinks through other ways marketing teaches us to be wasteful. This isn’t about skimping — it’s about realizing the companies selling us stuff shouldn’t be holding the measuring cup. “None of the changes above really inconvenience you,” he points out at the end, and they could save you big money over the long run.

2. 7 Investment Rules to Make Money

Money Girl — What’s more risky than investment? Not investing, says Laura “Money Girl” Adams. She highlights her favorite advice from the newest edition of Investing for Dummies to show it’s easier and less scary to get started than you might think.

3. How a 7 Year Auto Loan May Put You Underwater

One Smart Dollar — Everybody likes having a new car, but nobody likes doing the math. Scott Sery does it for you, breaking down what a typical new vehicle is worth “after one minute of ownership” all the way up to five years out. “For the first three years you actually owe more on the car than it is even worth,” he says, so it’s best to get the shortest-term loan you can or better yet, buy used.

4. How I Made $2,000 by Self-Publishing an Ebook on Amazon

The Penny Hoarder — Steve Gillman shares his experience with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, which includes paying nothing, writing about “ultralight backpacking” for a few days, and making a total of $2,000 profit from it. He covers how to format, proofread, price, and publish.

5. Personal Finance tips and tricks

Punch Debt in the Face — The debt-punching ninja highlights eight straightforward lessons that resonated for him in the past few years, including a statement that echoes Money Girl’s: “Investing really isn’t that complicated.”  Our favorite line, though, is this: “The earlier you get your shizz together, the better off you will be down the road.”

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