Investment opportunities, Millennial money woes, back to school shopping, haircut savings and coupons galore.

1. 3 Investment Opportunities for Working People

Simple.Thrifty.Living. — We don’t talk about investment opportunities a whole lot. But investing in our future is important. Even if extra money is scarce, Jack says these three options will help build your retirement fund. The first one is obvious, yet many people ignore it: Employer 401k contributions.

As Jack notes, “Many employers match half of your contribution, up to 6 percent of your salary.” If you’re not maximizing your 401k, start doing it now. He also offers some great advice on mutual funds and stocks, which may surprise you. Check out this video on how much you’ll need to retire.

2. Millennials are being Pushed Off the Financial Cliff: It’s Time for Action

20 Something Finance —  This blogger takes some “data points” he read about Millennials and expounds on them. He believes the financial future looks bleak for many Millennials. One alarming point is, while this generation increased their educational levels — and paid dearly for it through loans — their salary levels have declined.

He points out what went wrong for Millennials and offers advice on changing this negative trend. Advice such as Millennials can’t “follow in the footsteps of previous generations or those of our misguided peers.” How can you blaze your own trail? Read his blog and keep up with the information provides, such as this report on Millennials.

3. Save on Back to School Shopping

Eyes on the Dollar — We love blogs that help us save money. And now that it’s back-to-school shopping time, let’s start saving. Kim says “shop during tax free weekend” if your state offers it. But don’t overspend just because the items are tax free. I think her best advice is shop around your house for school supplies before you spend a dime.

I do it every year. There are always leftover notebooks, pencils, pens, even backpacks available. She also notes that setting an example for your kids by not overspending on purchases is essential. She believes financial literacy begins at home. Here are some more educational tips regarding kids and money.

4. 12 Ways to Trim the Costs of Haircuts

Money Talks News — Haircuts are often expensive. They’re also a necessity — unless you shave your head, or cut/butcher your hair yourself. Allison provides some cool money-saving ideas in this blog. The first tip is awesome: “find a cosmetology school”. She says don’t be afraid. Students are well-supervised. So go ahead let them use your hair as a training device.

She also says you should choose a style that doesn’t require much maintenance.  Forget your favorite pops stars look. Another great tip is, look for freelance hairstylists. They usually cut hair in their own home, or will travel. Check out her other tips.

5. The Best Coupon Websites

Penny Thots— Let’s continue our money saving theme. Jon’s noticed the rise in grocery prices. We probably all have noticed. So he provides nine coupon sites that will help cut costs. I was most interested in: “Coupon Network by Catalina.” At first I had no what he was talking about. He explained that catalinas are “the string of manufacturer coupons that printout” with your receipt.

Catalina now has a website. You can print additional coupons there and join a rewards program. He also says you can use Facebook. Just “like” brands you use and receive coupons. He offers more money-saving tips at the end of his blog. Even if you’re not a coupon hawk, you can still save money.

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