Dealing with money stress, hammering your debt, curing your shopping addiction and working during college.

1. How to Deal with Sneaky Money Stress

L Bee and the Money Tree — Dealing with debt is stressful. It takes an emotional and physical toll on people. Over the years, Lauren has dealt with both. Now that she’s survived her financial ordeals, she’s created “5 ways to deal with money stress.” Her first tip is: Exercise. That’s a good idea because, as she says, it not only reduces stress. It increases your energy levels.

Another great tip is: “Remind yourself that it’s only temporary.” There are ways you can get out of debt safely and effectively. Find the option that’s right for your financial situation and focus on paying down your bills. Also, keep reading We provide financial tools geared toward debt reduction.

2. How to Find Your Hammer (When Debt Nails You to the Floor!)

Color Me Frugal — A few months back, Dee lamented in a post about how she and her hubby couldn’t move “to our favorite mountain town.” They simply have too much student loan debt. A commenter noted that debt can really nail you to the floor. Yes. Debt prevents people from living out their dreams.

As a result, Dee came up with six ways “to bring the hammer down on debt.” Her third tip is valuable, although I wonder how many people do it: “Use any extra income to pay off debt.” That means if you get a bonus, raise or maybe a gift, don’t spend it frivolously. Pay down your debt. Here are 5 more reasons why you should pay off your debt.

3. 8 Signs You’re a Shopaholic and What to do About It

Money Talks News — Talking about debt… Excessive shopping is definitely one way people find themselves overwhelmed by monthly bills. Renee says researchers “estimate that up to 6 percent of Americans are so-called shopaholics.” Let’s find out if we have any  compulsive shoppers out there.

One sign is that you have bought items and never used them. They just sit in your closet. For example, clothes with the tags still on. Another sign is you’re secretive about your shopping trips. There is hope, though. Renee says take up a new hobby. Start jogging or find other activities that take your mind off shopping. You can even receive therapy if your shopping addiction becomes uncontrollable.

4. 5 Ways College Students Can Save Money This Fall

Shoeaholic No More — Kayla was once a compulsive shopper, but broke the habit. Now she’s helping other people with their financial issues. And considering all the talk about student loan debt, why not help students save money. One great idea is renting your college books. She provides a few links where you can find cheap books.

She also recommends applying for a campus job. Check out the college’s career resource center. If you can’t find one on campus, find one locally. Working while attending school should be a part of your college experience. Check out the weird ways these three students saved money and paid off their student loan debt.

5. 3 Reasons You Should Work During College

Frugal Rules — Let’s stick with the theme. I’m sure there are more than 3 reasons, but Cat makes a strong case here for getting a job during college. My favorite reason is not often talked about. A job “builds career skills.” These skills don’t necessarily correspond with your major. They are “real life skills.”  They include dealing with difficult personalities, figuring out unfamiliar tasks on the fly and managing money.

Another reason that’s not talked about much is many parents can’t shoulder the whole responsibility. They need help. And not student loan help either. Some parents dip into their retirement funds so their kids can attend school. That’s crazy. As this article suggests, don’t ruin your retirement, make sure your kids chip in for their own education.

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