Quick good eats, how to make more money, and how much to pay for an HDTV antenna.

1. Don’t Cheat Yourself By Living a Life of Half-Assity

Enemy of Debt — So much of managing money right is psychology, so it’s fun to read Travis Pizel take on somebody that can “go through a day eating all your fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, only to eat two hot dogs, a bowl of ice cream, and some left over pizza after 11pm.” (Hint: Himself.) He compares fixing your finances to preparing for a full marathon run, and he’s not wrong.

2. For Part-time Entrepreneurs, How To Find A Side Business And Make It Successful

Money Under 30 — Patty Lamberti interviews a career coach and a small business owner about how to come up with an extra source of income, and what some popular options make on average.

3. 16 Surefire Ways to Not Outlive Your Money

Good Financial Cents — Once you get past the vague fear that you’re doomed (because you’re not saving anything) comes the specific fear that you’re doomed (because you haven’t saved enough). Certified financial planner Jeff Rose provides a calming, detailed list of options to avoid that, including a pretty chart with the best cities to retire in.

4. 20 Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Freezer Packs from Costco for $150

$5 Dinners – I’m a sucker for stories like this. Usually, I’m disappointed because the meals lack variety or nutrition, or there’s some catch to the cost. In this case, I was impressed. I don’t care about gluten free, but I loved the variety — and specificity. There are recipes that price out everything, and even better, it takes less two hours to prepare all of them. This website is so serious about its cheap food, it even issued this awesome correction: “A kind reader pointed out that there is a need for 9 diced tomato cans and that Costco sells an 8-pack. My sincerest apologies in that discrepancy!”

5. Is Dollarama’s $3 HDTV antenna worth it?

Squawkfox – I’m also a sucker for tech tips, and this one ponders an HDTV antenna for cheaper than a Costco meal. Again, I value details, and this one leaves out none. If you need a Phillips head screwdriver, you’ll be told to fetch one. Although the cheapest antenna on this list is one the author made out of tin foil and was, by his own admission, “hideous.”

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