Align your budget, eliminate credit report errors, avoid identity theft, save money and cut food waste.

1. How to Align Your Budget With Your Goals

Blonde on a Budget — When Cait mentions goals, she’s talking about short-term goals here, not retirement. This is a great financial exercise because everyone has short-term goals, such as traveling, an expensive meal out, etc. She says first set a timer for two minutes. Quickly write down “the places you want to go and things you want to do.” Those are your short-term priorities, and two minutes is all you get.

Then set your goals. For example, one of her goals is buying a paddle board. Cait provides you with a free worksheet and shows you how she filled out her worksheet. She also gives you tips on saving money for these goals. has great advice on smart money management techniques that help you reach your financial goals.

2. 6 Stealthy Credit Report Errors You can Quickly Eliminate

Len Penzo dot Com — As Mikey states, your credit reports are filled with important information. It includes: “your name, address, place of employment, credit lines, balances, payment history and more.” You’re in charge of correcting the information if it’s wrong. And he gives you pertinent advice on doing just that.

For example, if your Social Security number is wrong you must contact the credit bureaus. He also focuses on negative listings, disputing errors and more. gives you step-by-step directions on correcting your credit report. We also provide information on credit fraud and your credit reports.

With a good password identity theft is more rare, but we can make you more secure.

3. The Identity Theft No One is Talking About

Get Rich Slowly — Scammers don’t only go after your credit cards or social security numbers. They can also steal your identity through your medical records. Jacqueline first advises that you “always read your Explanation of Benefits.” They show your provider’s name and the dates you visited that provider for health services.

Make sure your providers name, the dates visited and the services provided are correct. She also explains that “scammers might be closer than you think.” Offenders include, lab technicians, nurses, receptionists and even doctors. For further information, check out this post on medical identity theft from

4. 100 Ways to Save Money

PF Today — Ramona is always asking herself how she can save money. She may have exceeded her own money-saving expectations with this list. She breaks it down into sections. They include, money-saving tips on shopping, electronic gadgets and food, plus many more.

For shopping, she says use a small shopping cart, and avoiding products that are stationed at eye-level. For gadgets, “buy based on specs, not looks.” For food, try buying generic, and avoid pre-cut fruits and veggies — buy them whole, they’re less expensive. Check out these additional money-saving ideas.

5. 13 Easy Ways to Cut Food Waste and Save Money

Money Talks News —  Let’s save more money. Karla states that “the average American wastes $522 worth of food every year.” That’s alarming, especially when so many people around the globe are starving. Start saving by first checking your fridge and freezer temps. Experts differ on the settings, but it looks like 40 degrees for the fridge and zero for the freezer is adequate. But you should check your manufacturer’s manual.

She also says “avoid impulse purchases.” She compiles astute advice under this heading. For example, “shop your kitchen first.” This means compare your shopping list with what you already have in the house. You’ll avoid buying items you don’t need — especially perishable food. After you read her advice, review these money-saving tips on buying generic items.

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