Advice for healthy Christians, frugal drinkers, and everyone bored with budgeting.

1. The 9 Hidden Costs of Drinking

WISE BREAD — We here at were instantly attracted to this article, since we’ve written about mead and money, drinking at Disney, and craft beer bargains. We also cherish the primary advice: Drink alone. Or with friends. But realize that restaurants mark up wine and bars mark up beer by up to 400 percent.

Wise Bread, the grand dame of personal finance sites, also links this article to our all-time favorite on its site: How to Make Moonshine — which includes a detailed recipe for frugal drinkers and ends with, “too bad it’s illegal.”

2. My MediShare Review: Goodbye Obamacare

PT MONEY — “PT” stands for Phil Taylor, who’s as famous inside the personal finance world as he is anonymous outside it. (He founded the annual FinCon for personal finance experts to mingle and teach.) So when Taylor drops Obamacare for Medi-Share, it’s big news.

“I just dropped my $1,100/mo health insurance plan with Humana,” he writes. “I joined the Christian medical expense sharing community, Medi-Share, for around $275/mo.” If you’ve never heard of Medi-Share, it’s a fascinating concept, whether you’re Christian or not.  Taylor delves into deep detail, and he promises to update his decision.

3. and 4. It’s Not About the Money and It’s Not About the Money

THE SIMPLE DOLLAR and BUDGETS ARE $EXY — These two identical headlines appeared two days apart on two notable personal finance sites. More interesting than the coincidence is the topic. For this pair of websites to say it ain’t about the money is akin to eHarmony saying it ain’t about love. But both make a provocative points…

“It’s not about the money. It’s about what the money GIVES YOU,” says Budgets are $exy. “No matter how boring you think managing your money is, there’s no denying all the sexy $hit it let’s you do.”

Explains The Simple Dollar: “Whenever I make a financial decision, what I’m really asking myself is this: is this thing I’m about to spend money on a good use of my life’s energy and time?”

Both thought pieces bolster the concept that budgets are just boring tools to build the life you want. Don’t get obsessed with the details.

5. Are American Schools Failing? — How to Improve the U.S. Education System

MONEY CRASHERS — This seminal website is run by a couple guys in their late 20s. So why the hell should we care what they think about the American educational system? Because we believe if school systems adhered to the same frugal concepts touted on sites like and Money Crashers, they’d be teaching more for less.

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