Emergency fund savings, tax refunds and money mistakes.

1. 4 Ways to Put Your Budget Back on Track

Eyes on the Dollar — This post was written by Joseph Hogue at Peer Finance 101. We’ve discussed creating a budget many times but this is a bit different. This blog is for those of you that already have a budget but just can’t seem to stick with it. And that seems to be the norm.

The one piece of advice that I found interesting was the first one: Have short-term goals to keep you motivated. Joseph says most financial goals are long-term, like retirement, so it’s important to generate short-term goals to keep your head in the game.

2. Keep Your Emergency Savings Fund Under Your Mattress?

Luke 1428 — Brian doesn’t recommend putting your emergency fund under the mattress. He also says that emergency funds are not investments and shouldn’t be treated that way. They don’t belong in the stock market or in a CD at the local bank.

That’s because when an emergency occurs you usually need immediate access to the money. If you have it then there’s no need to charge anything on a credit card. He goes on to tell you where to put your emergency fund.

3. How to Spend Your Tax Refund Responsibly

Young Adult Money — It’s that time of year and many people are cooking up exciting ways to spend their refunds. That’s not a smart idea of course, unless it’s on a necessary or planned expense. Erin says before you do anything with that money, “prioritize your financial goals.”

Figure out where you want to invest that money — in your savings, paying off debt, or saving for retirement. She does recommend setting a small portion aside for having fun. Just don’t get carried away.

4. How To Save Money In The Kitchen: Redefining “Food”

Color Me Frugal — The CMF family is eating healthier and organizing the way they shop for groceries. Now they don’t waste as much food or eat as much processed junk. Dee started menu planning an entire month in advance. Maybe that’s unrealistic for you, but planning out meals in advance does save you time and money.

She also makes her own pizza dough and baby food. What’s interesting is her “time commitment” section. The comment section has some good ideas too. One that I recommend is cooking over the weekend and freezing meals for the week.

5. Money Mistakes in Your 30s

Get Rich Slowly — After making financial mistakes in her 20s, Suba thought she knew better than to continue down the same path in her 30s. But a recent shopping trip for her daughter made her realize how easy it is to make the same mistakes over — but in different circumstances.

That’s why this blog is so interesting. As we get older our needs and wants change. It’s our job to understand that and stay focused on not overspending. She comes up with a list of “potential money mistakes” for her thirty-something peers. I think we can all use them.

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