Retire in your 30's, make extra money and learn from debt.

1. 9 Things the Rich Do That The Poor Do Not

Life and My Finances — Do the richest 1% deserve all their money? Derek says out of the 80 richest people on earth only 11 inherited their money. The others “earned it with their blood, sweat and tears.” He believes instead of complaining about them, we should do what they do and start building our own wealth.

Point No. 2 states that “the rich focus on opportunities not obstacles.” It’s about not giving up and looking at problems as potential ways to become successful. This post generated some controversy. The comments section is filled with lively debate. It’s worth reading.

2. Lazy with Food: Restaurant Vs. Grocery Expenses

20 Something Finance — The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that for the first time Americans are spending more money at restaurants and bars then at the local grocery store. This blogger thinks it’s because of “laziness” and the unwillingness to learn how to cook a healthy meal.

It’s also a waste of money in his eyes. So he provides a few money-saving solutions. One is “develop good grocery-buying habits.” And part of the good habits is making out a list. I find that to be true, otherwise you’ll end up filling your cart up with stuff you don’t need. Check out these tips to save money on groceries.

3. How to Retire in Your 30s

Go Curry Cracker — There’s a bunch of good ideas in this post. The blogger believes living well below your means is extremely important. That starts with giving up the big house for a smaller apartment and trading in your fancy car for a bicycle. He managed that by choosing an apartment near everything he needed: the library, market, and a large park.

And like the blogger above, he believes it’s important to cook your own food and avoid the restaurant scene. This is an interesting read. His philosophy on how to live life is different, but who knows, it may work for you too.

4. 5 Unusual Ways to Make Money I Wouldn’t Do

Sprout Wealth — Everyone likes to make a few extra bucks, but this blogger found five ways that are about as appealing as doing yard work. There’s two that really pop out: selling your poop and renting out your friendship.

He says “you can make up to $13,000 a year” selling your bodily waste. He provides the website so you can investigate if that suits you. And he provides the RentAFriend website in case you don’t mind meeting strangers who don’t like going to the movies by themselves.

5. Good Financial Habits Learned From Debt 

The Frugal Farmer — This blogger wants to “put a positive spin” on getting out of debt. After all, it is a grind and can easily depress even the most optimistic person. Two habits that ring true are “you become more diligent” about your money and you transform into a smarter shopper.

I think the second point also encourages people to be more patient when shopping. There’s no reason to hurry up and buy. Take your time and think about the consequences of your purchase. Otherwise you could put yourself into more debt and need this post again for a positive spin.

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