No, really — men and women want quality family time as a gift

We’ll overspend and stress and buy more gifts than we can afford, but it turns out all we really want is time.

When it comes to what adults want most, 43 percent of men and women both said they want quality time with family as a holiday gift this year, according to Sure, another third would of us would like gift cards and 22 percent want clothes, but the majority would prefer just hanging out with loved ones.

But, of course, that’s not to say presents are completely out of the picture. When it comes to men, 73 percent plan to buy gifts for their partners, while only 60 percent of women will. As far as children goes, 77 percent of moms plan to buy for their little ones, while only 65 percent of dads will.

70 percent of us said shopping for the best price is the biggest factor  when it comes to buying gifts online. Another 59 percent said it was free shipping. Sixty-four percent of respondents to the survey say Amazon is the best for buying gifts, with Walmart coming in a distant second, with 39 percent. Less than 18 percent of shoppers prefer eBay, Target, or Best Buy.

“There are many more aspects to consider when buying holiday gifts versus years past, but low prices always seems to be the biggest concern for the majority of shoppers,” says Brent Shelton, shopping expert with

What about when it comes to your fur family? Almost half of females say they buy gifts for their pets, while 43 percent of men do. Even more, 23 percent of us plan to buy more than one gift for our pets.

Holiday spending = holiday stress

With all this money being spent, it’s more than just the season for giving — it’s also the season for stressing. BJ’s says 56 percent of moms are more financially stressed during the holiday season.

According to BJ’s report, 56 percent of moms who are responsible for preparing a holiday dinner are stressed about it. Almost 70 percent have a hard time finding affordable meals.

Aside from food, moms say that it’s not easy to find gifts for everyone on their list. Children are easy, they say, but nearly 40 percent say other relatives, including partners, are hard to shop for.

So if the holidays are so stressful, what are we doing to combat it? Well, not much, except our own love for the holidays.

“Most moms say they love the holiday season, with 73 percent saying their favorite part is spending time with family and friends,” the report says. “Decorating the home, enjoying time off of work, and giving someone the perfect gift top the list of the favorite parts of the holiday season for moms.”

While holiday shopping is set to break huge records this year, there are ways you can de-stress and save money during your holiday shopping this year. There are creative gifts that cost less money (and time!) than you think!

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