Making money is fun. Keeping track of the money? Not so much.

You started a business because you had a passion for your idea and are still excited to get up every morning to go do it. The only problem is that, along the way, you discovered that not everything about operating a business was as exciting.

In fact, many of the tasks related to daily work were really boring and mundane. Plus all you could think about was how these were taking you away from your passion. It often takes a little more resolve to find the motivation to do them.

The reality is these tasks are very necessary to the success of your business. To explain, here are five really boring ones that all of us have to deal with and why they matter…

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1. Accounting

Photo of hands holding pencil and pressing calculator buttons over documents

Whether it is a spreadsheet, a check register, or balance sheets, all aspects of accounting can be dull at best. It’s tedious entering numbers in columns and crunching them until they are updated and make sense. However, without current financial information, you can’t make informed business decisions about spending, saving, or making money; key factors in business success.

To help you alleviate some of the boredom, it helps to have bookkeeping software that integrates with many of your other tasks as well as that can offer some features that automate some of the work involved. This includes features like the ability to download a business checking statement directly into the checking register; so you don’t have to manually enter this information.

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2. Invoicing

Close-up Of A Businessman's Hand Working With Invoice On Digital Tablet

So many people dread the idea of invoicing. It should be exciting because you will get money from doing so. It may seem boring because it tends to be repetitive in terms of data entry; and involves numerous steps that feel like they take forever.

The faster you can invoice, however, the more quickly you will be paid. Which increases cash flow and gives you the ability to continue growing your business, handle your obligations, and make further investments in what you are doing. Take your invoicing processes online with a platform that automatically fills in information for you. It updates what is outstanding, and sends reminders on your behalf when an invoice hasn’t been paid.

By offering online invoices, you’ll also be able to skip so many of the boring aspects of doing it manually.

3. Bill pay

Paying bills. gesture of finger pressing pay bills button on a computer keyboard

It’s really hard to find anything good about giving your money away in the form of bill payment, but you are maintaining a good credit record and reputation by ensuring every obligation gets covered. This opens up opportunities for loans when you need them to grow your business, which furthers your success.

In the olden days, every bill had to be handled by writing a check and mailing these out. Technology has alleviated much of the boredom by offering a way to pay online; As well as schedule automatic payments from your business bank account so you can avoid this task in many ways.

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4. Filing

How good am I at administrative tasks?

When faced with stacks of paper and the need to organize them, many people want to curl up in the fetal position under their desks rather than face this tedious task. However, by keeping organized files on your business, clients, team, and projects you can maximize your productivity and get more done in less time – and that is sure to help make you more money.

The best way to lessen the boredom is to digitize as many of your files as possible. Use cloud management so files can be accessed from anywhere by anyone with permission. Online filing systems provide excellent ways to organize and segment your work and often integrate with project management platforms to further the productivity and organization you need to get more done with fewer resources.

5. Marketing

Businesswoman hand working with laptop computer

While you might be surprised to see marketing listed as a boring task, I can tell you that many entrepreneurs like myself tend to cringe at the thought of all the planning, content, and management that goes into the marketing process.

Yes, it is all geared toward making your business the revenue it needs to sustain itself and thrive, it’s difficult for many business owners to get excited about doing it. This may be because they are more idea people and strategists rather than creatives, so the struggle can become real for many to stay focused on this necessary business task.

The best approach is to consider hiring creative freelancers to take care of many of the marketing aspects, including writing and uploading content and perhaps even brainstorming campaign ideas. Additionally, you can rely on platforms that automate some of the marketing process.

While none of these tasks directly make you money like selling a product or offering your services to clients, they indirectly influence how successful you are and help you get access to those that want to buy from you. However necessary, there are ways around that boredom that can help you maintain a better perspective about their worth to you and your business.

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