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30 Student Discounts You Can Use Even After Graduation



College is expensive. Cutting costs for school is challenging but there are other costs outside class to consider too. Many current students don’t realize just how valuable their student ID card is until after they graduate. That little piece of plastic can get you free drinks, discounted movie tickets, and savings from stores like J. Crew and TopShop.

But if you, like me, have already graduated, don’t worry: You can still take advantage of most of these great deals. You just need your student ID card and your .edu email address. Here are some of the top deals…


Students and teachers can save 60 percent or more on Creative Cloud by clicking on the “Students and Teachers” option. [1] The full plan includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Dreamweaver, plus more. [2]

Students pay $240 a year, compared to the regular plan of $360 a year.


You can shop online at the Apple Store for Education and save up to $400 on an Apple computer. [3] School faculty, staff, and even home-school teachers are also eligible.

Students who enter their email address can get discounts on various electronics. [4Current deals include $50 off Surface laptops and tablets, and 10 percent off Google Pixelbooks.


Dell University offers various promotions for college students, including a 5 percent discount on PCs, tablets, and select electronics like printers, projectors, and monitors. [5]

Microsoft software

Current college students interested in programming can download Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Server, SQL Server, and other software for free just by entering their email address. Even if you’re not majoring in computer science, you may be able to get a free copy of Windows 8, and a sneak peek at the upcoming version, Windows 10.

Microsoft Store for Education

Nothing’s as good as free, but Microsoft’s online store also gives students (including grade school) and faculty discounts on things like Windows PCs, special prices for software, and 10 percent off tech accessories. [6]

Phone service

You may get a discount of up to 20 percent because of the school you attend. Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T have a place to check for discounts with your student email address.

Banana Republic

Both students and teachers can enjoy 15 percent off all Banana Republic in-store purchases by showing a valid ID at checkout. [7]

Club Monaco

By signing up with your email address, you get 15 percent off all Club Monaco purchases online. Present your ID for the same discount in stores. [8]


The day and discount vary by location, but many cut students a break. You can get 15 percent off on Wednesdays with a student ID. [9]

J. Crew

Present your college ID in stores to save 15 percent off of full-price items. [10]


Teachers and college students get a 15 percent discount when they present a valid ID at checkout, only in stores. [11]


Students get 10 percent off by signing up using an .edu address. [12]

American Airlines

Students from certain universities, including NYU, Harvard, Florida International, UCLA and many others, are eligible for this discount. You have to sign up with your name, student ID, and school to receive a 5 percent discount on any vacation packages.

There are other ways you can cut travel costs as a student. Read more: 5 Tips on How to Save Money on Cheap Flights.


With the purchase of the Student Advantage card listed below, you’ll also get a 10 percent discount on adult rail fare.

 Jet Blue

Signing up for the International Student Identity Card, listed above, will get you exclusive student airfare deals to 85 cities throughout the United States, Caribbean, and Latin America. The card costs $25 for a one-year membership. [13]

Travel discount cards

There are two major discount cards designed for students: The Student Advantage Card costs $30 per year, [14] and the International Student Identity Card is $25. [15]

Both brag about the thousands of discounts they offer, and while a lot of them you’ve never heard of — Root Bizzle? HearPO? — you can save 10 percent or more on all kinds of things, including train and bus tickets, movie tickets, hotel rooms, and lots of specific restaurants and retailers.


The cinema has a list of theaters across the country that offer student discounts. You need to bring in your student ID, and the discounts vary depending on location. [16]


Lots of museums, like NYC’s MoMa, offer discounts to students of nearby schools and universities. The Philadelphia Museum offers students discounted tickets for $15 through July 2015 with a valid school ID. [17]


Broadway in Chicago offers tickets to students at discount prices, [18] which can be as low as $14.50. A site called StudentRush offers updates on what shows are playing on Broadway, while giving you information about the student rush (last-minute discounted ticket) policies for each show, how much tickets cost, and when to show up. [19]

Spotify Premium

College students get half off when they sign up for Spotify Premium with an .edu address. [20] They also have to show proof of enrollment by uploading a copy of a transcript, current ID card, or tuition receipt. Premium has no ads, and costs five bucks for students per month.


Hulu offers a special rate of $0.99 for three months of premium Hulu (ad-supported) and Showtime to college students – then $4.99 a month after. [21] The offer is available for 12 months after signing up, and you will remain eligible every year if you can verify you are still a student.


Some chains, including fast food ones, offer student discounts. But because most stores are individually owned, those discounts vary widely. We’ve heard of discounts at everywhere from Subway to Chipotle, ranging from free drinks with purchase of a meal to 10 percent off your total purchase. Ask next time if there are any discounts for students.

Sam’s Club

Signing up for the Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership gets you a $15 gift card (basically a rebate on the $40 annual membership) and savings on everything from groceries to laundry detergent. Sign up using your .edu email address, and present your student ID at the store. [22]


Automakers are no different. The Honda College Graduate Program offers students who have graduated in the past two years, or who will graduate in the next six months, a $500 discount off any 2018 or newer model year Honda with proof of employment. [23] Ford and Toyota have similar programs.

Find out how to save more. Read 7 Easy Ways to Save Money When Buying a Car.

Car insurance

Many insurers have discounts for students, but rules and savings vary. Geico offers full-time students between the ages of 16 and 25 with a “B” grade average or better a discount of up to 15 percent. [24] Allstate offers single, full-time students under 25 with good grades up to 20 percent off. [25]

Amazon Student

Get free, two-day shipping when you join Amazon Student using your email address. [26] There’s a 6-month free trial, after which your account automatically upgrades to Amazon Prime at a 50 percent discount. You can cancel anytime.

The New York Times

Get web access to the New York Times for $1 a week as long as you’re a student. [27]

You’re charged $4 every four weeks, then $15 every four weeks following. You can also get a print subscription, which includes access to online discounted at 50 percent off. All subscriptions require an .edu address.

The Wall Street Journal

Subscriptions to the WSJ are available to students at a 50 percent discount. Right now, you can get a 15-week subscription for $15, which includes print, online, and digital access. [28]

Washington Post

The Washington Post offers college students, faculty, and staff 50 percent off for digital access to all articles. [29]

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