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This is something you don’t hear very often: “I’m from your bank, and I’m here to help you.”

Yet that’s what some of the nation’s biggest banks are doing for their customers in storm-ravaged Texas and Florida. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma not only devastated thousands of homes and businesses, they also knocked out power and interrupted the lives of millions all across the southern United States.

If you’re one of those people, find your bank on the list below to see what they’re offering you — and how they’re helping others.


Automatically waiving or refunding these fees through Sept. 24:

  • late fees for mortgage, credit card, business banking and auto loans and leases
  • Overdraft, service, and ATM fees on consumer and business checking and savings accounts

Chase is also automatically starting a 90-day grace period to delay payment on mortgage and home equity payments, saying, “We’ll work together with customers on how to catch up on these payments. During the 90-day grace period, we won’t charge late fees or send negative information to the credit bureaus.”

Finally, Chase will reduce interest rates on certain new loans for small business owners.

Wells Fargo

Will provide payment relief for the next 90 days on credit cards, student loans, auto loans, home mortgage, home equity, and retail small business loans and lines of credit in FEMA declared areas.

Wells Fargo also donated $1.1 million to Hurricane Irma relief efforts in Florida and the Caribbean.

Cullens/Frost Bank

Donated $1 million dollars to charities assisting those most affected by Hurricane Harvey in the regions where Frost has operations.


  • After Hurricane Irma, Comerica will be waiving ATM fees for its customers through Friday, Sept. 15.
  • Donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross to assist with disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey.


Limited-time financial services in Florida after Hurricane Irma:

  • Fees waived for Regions customers at other banks ATMs. Fees also waived for non-customers at Regions ATMs.
  • Early withdrawal penalties waived.
  • Personal loan payment extensions and forbearances through their customer service program.
  • Payment extensions available for current credit card holders.
  • 0.5 percent discount on standard rates for new business loans up to $1 million to help with those in the affected areas.

Regions donated $100,000 toward Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.


  • Will refund late fees for mortgage loans, home equity loans personal, and business credit cards, small business loans/lines and auto loans through Dec. 15.
  • If you’re in a FEMA-declared area and your account becomes overdrawn through Sept. 18, Suntrust will waive or refund service fees if you ask.
  • SunTrust also donated $500,000 to various disaster relief and recovery efforts in the support of communities and businesses affected by Irma.

TD Bank

Launched an assistance program to support personal and small business customers impacted by Hurricane Irma:

  • Fee waivers and refunds on personal deposit accounts
  • Fee waivers for people in FEMA-designated areas for their mortgage, home equity loans, small business loans and personal loans

TD also contributed more than $600,000 in financial aid towards Hurricane Irma relief efforts, and more than 100,000 towards Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank will waive the following fees through Sept. 18 for customers in FEMA areas affected by Hurricane Irma:

  • Overdraft, insufficient funds, and Non-PNC ATM charges for customers will be waived automatically.
  • Late fees on credit card accounts and business and consumer loans, including home equity, will be refunded if you request it.

PNC Bank donated $500,000 to Hurricane Irma relief efforts

BB&T Bank

Some of the services that BB&T is providing through Sept. 30:

  • Customers will not be charged for the use of any non-BB&T ATMs.
  • Non-BB&T customers who withdraw cash from a BB&T ATM will not be charged.

Contributed $500,000 to Hurricane Irma Relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Bank of America

  • Deployed mobile financial centers and mobile ATMs to supplement local financial centers in the region.
  • Pledged $1 million in Hurricane Irma relief funding.
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