Your paycheck will stretch further when you steer clear of these spend-crazy officemates.

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Doesn’t it seem like no matter where you work, it’s usually with the same assortment of people? There are office gossips, shmoozers and at least one incompetent person who keeps getting promoted despite his or her failings. And don’t forget those coworkers eager to spend their paychecks with you by their side.

Just when you vow to stick to your budget and finally squirrel away some money in savings, these workplace money wasters give you all kinds of reasons to spend.

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1. Charity Walk Chelsea or 5K Frank

If you’re trying to save money, steer clear of toned people with skinny legs in the workplace. These fit and happy people are probably runners (for fun!) and no season or holiday passes without these long-distance do-gooders soliciting a 5K, 10K or charity walk sponsorship.

Go ahead and donate if you believe in the cause and want to offer moral support. But don’t feel like you must sign up every time. Runners have way too many endorphins bouncing around their brains to stay mad for long.

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2. Moneybags Matthew or Stylin’ Stephanie

Moneybags Matthew or Stylin Stephanie

You know you want to live like they do, pulling trendy outfits, handbags, shoes and jackets from Stitch Fix bags delivered to the office. This coworker has a flashy car, a loft apartment in a trendy part of town and an appetite for expensive restaurants. Don’t be jealous, though.

Your colleague probably has credit card debt that will eventually send him or her driving a used car to thrift stores while trying to pay it all off. Live simply and learn from your officemate’s fashion sense. Then find your own trendy outfits on sale.

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3. Happy Hour Hallie or Another Round Andrew

“Who’s up for happy hour?” is this coworker’s mantra. He or she can drink all night, get a bit of sleep and show up all perky with a big cup of coffee the next morning, along with an invitation to the next happy hour locale.

Not only will this partying coworker rob you of sleep, your alcohol-impaired judgement – paired with a credit or debit card – can run up quite the drunken bill. If you must go to happy hour, take a set amount of cash and leave before good judgment gives way to a good time.

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4. Forgot My Card Fiona or Got it Next Time Gary

Forgot My Card Fiona or Got it Next Time Gary

Who hasn’t had lunch with this free-spirited officemate, the one who suggests a pricey restaurant for lunch and then forgets his or her debit or credit card at the office?

Sure, it could be an honest mistake. But even if it is, someone at the table still ends up paying for these absentminded coworkers’ lunches. If you must go to lunch with a known moocher, make sure your hungry coworker is packing a credit card before you get in the car.

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5. Soccer Mom Sophia or Single Dad Sam

When you encounter a cubicle with photos of kids at every stage of development, keep moving unless you’re ready to fork over money for Girl Scout cookies, band candy, raffle tickets, t-shirts and gargantuan rolls of trash bags. And that’s only the beginning.

Do you really have the willpower to drive past a bunch of kids in the office parking lot offering to wash your car for only $10? Choose your charitable donations wisely with this coworker because opportunities to give away money will never cease.

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6. Tattletale Taylor or Back-Slapping Barry

This social butterfly is always up for clinking glasses or chugging beers over happy hour appetizers. With this coworker, you laugh and laugh and drink and drink. Then you let it slip that you think your boss is a sadistic narcissist having an affair.

Next thing you know, you’re passed over for that promotion you were once promised – and the big raise that came with it. Maybe stick with lunch or coffee with this type – and let them do all the talking.

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7. Desperate Dylan or Payday Loan Peyton

Unless your heart is as foul and shriveled as that Chinese food rotting in the office fridge, avoid this desperate coworker at all costs. This officemate always has a sad story that makes you want to loan a few bucks.

Out of groceries until payday. A dog who’ll die if he doesn’t get expensive surgery. You can’t finance someone else’s life, no matter how much you want to help. Send your coworker to a nonprofit credit counselor instead. Oh, and donate directly to the vet to help that poor dog.

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