Superheroes have mortgages and student loans, too.

Even casual Marvel fans know Iron Man and Black Panther are the richest Avengers – but are they also the most broke?

Many reporters and financial experts have tried to estimate the Avengers’ wealth. From TIME to Forbes, everyone agrees: Tony Stark and King T’Challa are loaded. They’re sitting on bank accounts of $12 billion to $90 trillion, depending on who’s doing the imaginary math.

But no one has studied the two superheroes’ debts — and the debts of the other Avengers. It turns out the richest Avengers are the ones with the most personal debt. And the Avenger who has the most financial freedom isn’t the one you might think.

Disclaimer: We spent hours doing the math, but hard numbers are hard to come by. So if you think we messed up, tell us where.

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