Saving money, what you don’t know about credit scores, financial advice and more.

1. 10 Habits That Will Make You Better at Saving Money

Finance Girl – If you’re saddled with debt, or just like conserving cash, Natalie’s got great money-saving tips for you. Her third tip is: “Use cash (and not credit).” This is especially true for people who are habitual spenders. Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, also believes cash is better than using debit cards.

Her sixth tip is: “Always pay full price (no payment plans).” The only exceptions are a mortgage, school loans and car payments. Besides those three, she thinks paying the full amount is the right choice.

2. How to Save Money: 7 Simple Ways to Save

Club Thrifty – Let’s stick with the money-saving theme. Greg says anyone can save money. It may seem difficult, especially if you’re on a strict budget, but with a “few simple but effective techniques” you’ll have no problems.

His fourth technique is: “Pay Yourself First.” You simply “think of your savings as an expense” and budget for it. Make certain a portion is placed in a 401(k) or you can automatically deposit money in a separate savings account. This way you’ll never miss it.

3. 4 Costly Facts You Don’t Know About Credit Scores

Money Talks News – Americans are becoming smarter about credit scores, but Karla found a survey that reveals many people still don’t “understand crucial details.” For example, only 22 percent of those surveyed realized how much a low credit score, when compared with a high score, increases “the cost of a $20,000, 60-month car loan.”

I’ll let you check out the answer and the other costly facts. You can also read this post on the Common Mistakes that can Destroy Your Credit Score.

4. Financial Advice for New College Grads

Mom and Dad Money – Many college grads owe thousands in student loan debt. recently reported how student loans are even limiting career choices for grads, which makes their money problems worse.

Brad wants to eliminate these problems and the stress that goes along with them. His fourth tip is: “Avoid debt at all costs.” You obviously can’t avoid your student loan debt, and that’s fine. But you can avoid new debt, from credit cards, car loans and more. Check out his other advice.

5.   5 Ways to Save More at Thrift Stores

Six Figures Under – If you have student loan debt, or any other major debt, shopping thrift stores is a real money-saver. Stephanie has collected some cool and helpful tips that will tack on additional savings.

Her second tip is: “Keep a list.” This way you’ll know exactly what you need. If you shop without a list, you could waste money on frivolous items – which defeats the purpose. Her third tip is also very helpful, but I’ll let you check it out for yourself.

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