This week: If you answer "no," you're probably a dude.

122 million

Americans who believe “it’s illegal to remove mattress tags,” according to the Better Sleep Council. Not true, of course. (“There are no mattress police,” the BSC says.) But 53 percent of men believe it, compared to only 45 percent of women.

80 percent

Male homeowners who say they know how to work their lawn’s sprinkler system “with confidence,” according to sprinkler manufacturer Rachio. While only 64 percent of women express that confidence, it’s also likely a lot of those men have no idea what they’re talking about.

77 percent

Dads who “use ice cream to resolve a conflict or argument” with their children, according to a pleased Baskin-Robbins. Only 30 percent of moms use this kind of bribery.

73 percent

Women who prefer using paper towels to dry their hands in public restrooms, as opposed to those “jet air dryers,” according to Cintas. Only 66 percent of men agree.

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