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Looking for extra money this holiday season? Here are holiday jobs that won’t make you crazy.

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Sometimes I have to laugh when I think about all of the side-hustles that I’ve worked throughout the years. In fact, I found many of my favorite side-hustles during the holiday season when I wanted to pay off debts and preferred to purchase holiday gifts with cash. Because my regular 9-5 was stressful, I made a point of looking for gigs that were a lot of fun, paid well, and sold products that I actually used and understood.

By using this process, I discovered how to make money working extra hours during the holiday season. It could be a lot of fun and didn’t have to be stressful. I also found that there are a ton of easy jobs that you can work during the holiday season, and they’re pretty easy to find.

1. Convention Center Staff

Most larger towns and many cities have facilities that host large-scale events. If your town has a facility like this, it’s likely that they need staff to help host, entertain, and help the attendees, and ensure that the event runs smoothly. The type of help that convention centers are looking for include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Session proctors: Conference’s have panels and speakers and the session proctors help keep those panels running on time.
  • Registration desk: When conference attendees arrive they usually check in at a registration station. Some conferences have thousands of attendees that need to be checked in and given their conference credentials. If you’re comfortable working with a computer and like people, this is a great side-hustle.
  • Directions: Most convention centers are a huge mess of hallways and confusing looking corridors. Additional staff is hired to help manage the flow of attendees throughout the facility during larger events.

The cool thing about working at convention centers is that you get the opportunity to meet some really cool people and if you’re lucky you may end up working a really fun event. The pay range depends on how you’re hired, the area of the country that you live in and the scope of work. My pay range has typically been between $13-$20 an hour.

2. Event Brand Ambassadors

As we get closer to the holidays, there are a ton of parades, races, and other fun events being held throughout most cities. Signing on to be an event brand ambassador is a great way to make extra money, have a fun time, and not have to worry about anything other than making small amounts of change or just swiping someone’s credit card to finish a sale.

And, the best thing about working events is that you get to enjoy the event to a limited degree as a spectator, your only task is to either give away free items or sell fun stuff to attendees. And, depending on the gig, you may end up leaving with additional swag after the event.

Recently I worked a side-hustle at a race. Then, there was an unexpected snowstorm. And, even though the attendance was pretty good considering the conditions, there was double the number of no-shows. As a result, the brand ambassadors and other event staff ended up going home loaded with food, swag bags, and bottles of champagne.

3. Pet Sitting

One of the reasons I don’t have a pet is because I would hate to leave it whenever I traveled. Luckily, there are a number of services that you can sign up to become a professional pet sitter while their human is out of town.

You can also start your own pet sitting business if you would prefer to maintain your independence.

4. Amazon Seasonal Work

Amazon is busiest during the holiday season when millions of products are being purchased, packaged, and sent across the U.S. They are always hiring seasonal staff to help keep products moving. In fact, UPS, USPS, and FedEx are all looking for help during the holiday months.

Out of all of the side-hustles listed, this option may be the most challenging side-hustle because it can be incredibly physically demanding. But, if you’re looking to get fit for the New Year, this type of job is a great way to get paid and work out.

5. Love to Bake?

I am a bit intimidated by the baking process, especially because I live in Colorado, where baking in high-altitude is difficult. But this is one of the more creative ways to make money. If you have a special baking expertise or skill such as high-altitude baking, gluten-free desserts, southern baking, or creating delicious vegan treats you could use those skills to make extra money during the holiday season.

Sell your delicious baked goods to friends and neighbors who have enjoyed baked goods that you’ve shared with them before. Do make sure to check the Cottage Industry laws in your town related to selling goods made in your home.

6. Airbnb Manager

More and more people are getting into the Airbnb business. It can be incredibly lucrative for people renting out their rooms and for people who help people run their Airbnb business. Many hosts also travel during the holiday season and are needing onsite assistance to help with the following tasks:

  • Guest check-ins
  • Cleaning the space
  • Keeping the kitchen and bathroom stocked with whatever necessary items are

This side hustle is great because you’re dealing with a small number of people and you’re primarily tasked with communicating with the owner whenever something important comes up.

7. Party Helper

Instead of planning parties, be the person who helps the planner! You’ll run around most of the night handing out prizes, making sure things run smoothly, and help make sure that the guests have a great experience at the event.

In my experience as both a party planner and an event helper, running a successful event is incredibly stressful. If your attendees had a terrible experience you aren’t responsible for the outcome of the event.

There is an endless number of opportunities to make more money during the holiday season. Don’t make the mistake of picking a stressful holiday job. Pick a holiday job that is fun, easy to do, and helps move you towards whatever goals you have for that additional money.

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