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You can save money with this annual service, but you can save even more with these tips. strives to provide our users with helpful information while remaining unbiased and truthful. We hold our sponsors and partners to the highest industry standards. Once vetted, those sponsors may compensate us for clicks and transactions that occur from a link within this page.

You can maximize your Amazon Prime savings by mastering these skills…

Coupons and discounts

Much like your local grocery store, Amazon has screens full of coupons to click — a buck off paper towels, a quarter off dish-washing soap. Coupons add up.

Keep in mind: Amazon’s coupons might not always make products cheaper than what you can get in the store down the street. But consider this: If you order it online, you won’t have to walk into the store, and if you don’t walk into the store, all of those impulse buys won’t land in your cart. A friend of mine swears she saves hundreds each month by avoiding the product assault at the checkout line. Just stick to your shopping list while online.

Subscribe and save

Get non-perishables, toiletries and cleaning supplies delivered to your door. Gather at least five of these items and put them on a subscriber list that arrives at the same address at least once a month, and Amazon gives you a 15 percent discount. Prime members also save 20 percent on diapers and baby food on those subscriber lists.

Prime Day, every other day

This is like Black Friday for Prime members. It comes around once a year — a date won’t be announced until mid-summer. But the company runs “lightning deals” year-round when a certain item goes on sale for a limited time until time’s up or they run out of inventory. Some discounts are north of 50 percent.

Keep in mind: You can find these on the Today’s Deals page, aka The Gold Box. Sign up for a daily deals email, and when you see something you want, you can have Amazon send alerts to your phone or desktop.


Not sure if what you’re seeing is a deal? Check out the camelcamelcamel website to track product price history — not just on Amazon, but eBay and everywhere else.

Keep in mind: Create a free account on camelcamelcamel and tell them the item you want to buy. They’ll send you an email or Tweet when the price drops.

Price matches

If you buy something from Amazon — not a third party — and then the price drops within 30 days, contact Amazon and they’ll credit you the difference.

Keep in mind: Some credit cards will do this too, no matter where you shop and for a longer stretch after purchase.  So if your 30 is up, it may not be too late. Use your camelcamelcamel to track those prices even after you buy.

Keep track of delivery

If your purchase lands on your doorstep after the guaranteed delivery date, you can ask for a one-month free extension to your Prime membership. Don’t have a membership? Get your shipping fee refunded.

Keep in mind: You can request a Prime extension up to 12 times a year.

When you want free shipping, but aren’t a Prime member

Some items will ship for free with a minimum $25 purchase and a bit of patience —typically 5-8 business days.

Keep in mind: You can use a pre-order item to qualify for the minimum purchase.

Buy used or refurbished

In Amazon’s world, these are items from Amazon Warehouse. Or if you’re eyeballing electronics it’s Amazon Renewed. Typically, if you’re searching for something on Amazon, these cheaper alternatives pop up somewhere. But if you don’t see them, seek them out.

eBook worms rejoice

A Prime membership opens the door to buying a monthly selection of Kindle books for up to 80 percent off — under $3. You can also tap Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 a month and get access to a million electronic books, magazines, and audiobooks.

Keep in mind: Many public libraries offer their membership eBooks for free. Check your library to compare selections. Kindle Unlimited bills monthly until you cancel. So don’t forget to cancel if you aren’t reading at least a book a month.

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