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Don’t Wait for Black Friday – Holiday Shopping is Starting Early This Year! [Shopping List]

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Yeah, we saw your side-eye in line at Marshall’s when the Christmas music was playing a day before Halloween. Facebook even has pages dedicated to early Christmas music haters. The verdict is in that early holiday celebrating is here to stay, but, it’s not a bad thing for your wallet. Think about it – if you were a retailer, wouldn’t you want your numbers to go black more than once a year? NBC News is calling it the “Christmas Creep” and it has steadily crept up on consumers for over 40 years. What’s the silver lining?  Retailers have already begun marking down prices and; you may save even more money now than on Black Friday. So, sit back with a bowl of Halloween candy, turn up your Christmas music and check out these awesome 15 gift items we found on Amazon Prime.


For your sad friend or relative who can’t afford cable and STILL hasn’t seen Stranger Things 2 – Get them a Fire TV Stick with Alexa Remote + Echo Dot. 

This Amazon customer said: “Fire TV Stick is everything I expected it would be and more. It’s easy to install and operate, I get great HD picture, the price is affordable plus I am free from the cost of cable TV, and it arrived early though it wasn’t in stock when I placed my order.” – Charlene Ashley


Your kids will thank you now AND later unless they hate writing.  Letters to Me, When I Grow Up: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.


This Amazon customer said: “This is a wonderful, creative item for the pre-teen to the early teenager. It encourages them to write and to think about their future.” – Jacqueline Forsyth


For that special someone who has told you they have wanted to try this 5,243,343 times! Spit and be merry!  23andMe DNA Test Ancestry Personal Genetic Service.

This Amazon customer said: “The instructions were easy to follow, and the results came after only two weeks from the “received sample date.” The results showed surprising information.
Loved it.” – Wendy Brooks


For that someone who buys everything organic – Purest Naturals Holiday Bath Bombs Gift Set Kit – 6 x 4 Oz. Best Ultra Lush Fizz

This Amazon customer said: “Love them! Packaging was perfect as a gift! Although I think I am keeping them for myself.” – Marie Anderson


For that person you know who’s obsessed with selfies!  Fujifilm Instax Mini 26 + Rainbow Film Bundle – White


This Amazon customer said: “Gave this to my 10 yr. old sister and she loved it definitely worth the buy.” – Leela


For your favorite crazy cat lover – “It’s not really drinking alone if the cat is home” stemless wine glass, 15 oz. (cat) – Laser Etched

Click here for even more affordable crazy cat gifts! 

This Amazon customer said: “If you’re a cat lover & like wine…you definitely need this glass. It’s adorable! Arrived promptly with no cracks or chips.” – Shirley A. Barefoot


For that person you know that considers fro-yo a lifestyle. Gourmia GSI180 Automatic Healthy Frozen Dessert Maker, Makes Sorbet, Soft-Serve Sherbet & Frozen Fruit Treats. Includes Free Recipe Book


This Amazon customer said: “I love this machine. Being able to make our own ice cream and being able to control what we are putting in it is awesome! It’s easy to use. Assembly is easy. Disassembling for washing is easy as well. I’ve recommended this to my friends on Facebook as well!!” – Eagle Baby


For your favorite feminist…and Star Wars fan – Resistance Princess Leia Eco Travel Mug

What this Amazon customer said about this homemade seller: “I ordered this as a birthday present for my sister, and she loved it!” – Misti Richardson


Because steakhouses are expensive and it’s a gift that keeps on giving – Char-Broil Performance 650 6-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill


This Amazon customer said: “Love this grill so far. We’ve used it almost daily for the past 2 months. Very easy to clean, lots of space, and nice even heat.” – otisracconn


For your favorite tree hugger – Marimo Moss Ball Globe Terrarium


This Amazon customer said: Looks great on the table. Recommend to everyone! I NAMED HIM DOUG!” – Josh


For your friend who stays at hotels just for the waffles!  Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel
This Amazon customer said: “I bought this for my daughter to have at college. She loves it and it’s making perfect waffles. I think I’m going to pick up another for our house.” – D.H. Schmid


For your techie friend who can fix an iPhone – JACKYLED 45 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Kit Compact Repair Maintenance Opening Pry Set with Tweezers & Extension Shaft for Cell Phone, Laptop, Pad etc. Disassemble.

This Amazon customer said: “Very high quality and very extensive variety of small tools useful for electronic and computer repairs and adjustments, that can also be used in many other applications. The case is laid out in a very clever design that allows the rack of bits to pop up when the front release button is pushed to open the top, and all bits are secured in place and individually identified. An astounding value for the price paid. Highly recommended.” – Dave


For your homesick friend or relative who is from New York City. Katz’s 3 Course Dinner for 4 (not kidding!) 

This Amazon customer said: “Want to be popular this Hanukkah? The famous Katz’s Deli will ship matzo ball soup, pastrami, corned beef, mustard, rye bread, knishes, pickles, and chocolate or cinnamon babka to your chosen people. And oy vey, is it good!” – Oprah (Yes, that Oprah!)


For that girl that knits everything! Game of Thrones CHROCHET Yarn Bowl – Winter is Coming

This Amazon customer said: “I LOVE IT!! It came super-fast was very well packaged to prevent damage. It’s so well made and suits my needs perfectly. I’ll say it again… I Love It!” – Tara


For your favorite weird person (everyone knows at least one). Exploding Kitten: A Card Gabe About Kittens and Explosions and Sometimes Goats. 


This Amazon customer said: “Fun and easy game. Very entertaining and the cards are pretty amusing.” – Maria D.




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