Library perks, killing your wealth, depression era tips, sabotaging your retirement and more.

1. Are You Taking Advantage of These 8 Free Library Perks

MoneyNing – Free is cool. And as Ashley says the library is “really more than a place for checking out books!” If you have kids, the local library offers everything from story time to magic shows and more.

Another great perk is: “Tax Help.” She says “many tax experts” offer free advice and services. That’s definitely helpful, especially if you’re struggling with your taxes. Here’s a way you can save up to $2,000 on taxes.

2. The One Monthly Payment KILLING Your Wealth

Good Financial Cents – Jeff says “families are struggling to get ahead.” And there are many things causing this financial struggle – college debt, healthcare, stagnate wages and more. But one cost people deal with is “self-inflicted” – car payments.

A recent study from Experian found that the “average new car payment reached $499 per month last quarter.” That’s insane. And what makes matters worse is the average loan is 68 months long. Check out why Jeff says buying a used car is better than buying new.

3. 8 Depression Era Money-Saving Tips

And Then We Saved – During the depression era, people made tremendous sacrifices. A recent financial inconvenience got Anna thinking about how those people survived, especially her great grandmother, who had a large household. She spoke with some older family members and this was their advice.

The first thing is: “Rethink the Place of Meat in Your Meals.” You can replace it with other protein sources such as beans. Or you can get creative like she did and make sloppy joes by using half meat and half cooked lentils. Experiment and make cheap food taste delicious. Check out her other tips.

4. 5 Ways American Retirement is Changing

Wise Bread – Damian quotes an anonymous person who said, “Retirement can be a great joy if you can figure out how to spend time without spending money.” So true. And because money is getting tighter and tighter, many people have changed their retirement plans.

The second and most impacting change is: “More Americans are Postponing Their Retirement Age.” A whopping 77 percent of Americans are delaying retirement. After you finish this post, read about how much you need to save for retirement.

5. 8 Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Retirement

Money Talks News – Let’s continue our retirement theme. This post by Marilyn definitely shows why planning for retirement is essential. The seventh mistake is: “Ignoring estate planning.” Create a will and research a revocable living trust. Without these things you risk losing control over your money.

You should also “plan for medical expenses.” You may need over “$220,000 of your own money for medical expenses” during your retirement. That’s depressing but don’t fret. Plan ahead and save as much as possible.

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