Splurging, disappearing money, remembering each dollar, budget setbacks and more.

1. Drop the Guilt: How to Splurge Without Breaking the Bank

Len Penzo dot Com — We discuss saving money all the time here at Debt.com. That makes sense. But sometimes, as Len Penzo admits, splurging a little is okay – as long as you’re smart about it.

And being smart “is to pay for those splurges by consciously reducing expenses in other areas.” He explains what he splurges on and how he reduces expenses, in areas such as his home and cars. So go ahead and spend a little. Just make sure you’re also saving.

2. Who Owns Your Paycheck?

Life and My Finances — Derek admits that this “sounds like a silly question.” But in reality, many people don’t know where their money goes. It just disappears as if someone else is spending it. He helps you find your money again by breaking down where the average paycheck is spent.

For example, taxes and what he describes as “Your own stupidity.” He includes car loans and credit card debt in the latter category. He also explains “what you can do about” your disappearing paycheck by offering six blog links with information on reducing taxes, cutting spending and more.

3. Remember That Each Dollar Serves a Purpose

Budgets are Sexy — J. Money says the most popular question he gets asked is: How can I make the most money off my savings? But he says the better question to ask is: “What’s the mission of this dollar I have?”

Is that dollar for “growing wealth,” “fun funds,” or some other purpose? He then provides a “general guideline” of where he puts his money and why he puts it there. His categories include “money for wealth protection”, “money to be blown”, and more.  Use his guideline or create your own mission for your money.

4. Expect to See Fewer ATMs Soon

Money Talks News — Third party ATMs, like the machines you see at cash-only restaurants and shops may soon disappear. That’s not a terrible thing really. Those machines usually charge crazy fees for using them, so I say good riddance.

This post is important because it reminds me, and I hope you too, that using out-of-network ATMs just wastes money. If you need cash, make certain you stop at a machine that’s in your banks network. It just makes sense.

5. How to Recover From Personal Budget Setbacks

10! Ten Factorial Rocks — As guest writer Ethan says, “tracking income and expenses doesn’t necessarily guarantee trouble-free finances.” Hey, everyone makes mistakes. Budgets are sensitive animals so don’t panic if yours suddenly goes south.

Check out this blog instead. He provides numerous tips such as resetting your spending. But before you do that, you must evaluate your “spending patterns.” That may sound difficult, but if you use an online tool like PowerWallet it becomes much easier.

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