Win $50 for shouting one word on a YouTube video.

The World Cup is well underway, but you can still go in style — if you have $500,000 to burn.

“A flight from New York to Brazil and a few of its cities for different games could easily start at $250,000,” CNBC reports. “Plan on an extra 25 percent for the crew’s lodgings.”

So where will you stay? All the hotel rooms are booked, but some private mansions remain un-rented. “Former Brazil national team star Ronaldinho put his Rio de Janeiro mansion up for rent — at $15,000 a night,” The Washington Post reports.

And meals? A cheeseburger costs $17, a pepperoni pizza $35.

So if you’re doing the financially frugal thing and watching from home, we want to put $50 in your pocket. 

We want to see and hear how you get your goal on! Follow the steps below, and if we like your GOOOOOOAAALL the best, you’ll win $50 cash!

  1.  Use your phone or camera to film yourself yelling like a crazy person.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube.
  3. Post your link in the comments below.

We’re not looking for high-production values, just passion.Like this…



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