This week: From embarrassing to costly, raising kids is literally painful.

52 percent

Parents who have been told by their children to put down their cellphone during dinner, according to Comcast. “More than 2 in 5 parents (42 percent) can’t remember the last time their family had a device-free meal.”

39 percent

Parents who have “missed work due to their kid’s oral health issues” this year, according to Delta Dental. That’s 6 percent more than last year.

35 percent

Children who are wearing the correct size shoes, according to Blitzresults. So 65 percent aren’t. Why? Because “52 percent of all parents stated that they had never measured the length of their children’s feet before.”

23 percent

Parents who have had to take their children to the emergency room for a “significant injury,” according to Securian. “Injuries most cited include broken bones (16 percent) and lacerations resulting in stitches (11 percent).”

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