You live in a gold mine of stuff you're not using, and you probably don't even have to leave your house to cash in.

From 2008 till 2012, I owned a beat-up ’96 Ford Explorer with 300,000 miles on it. Great car for $800, but when the transmission failed, I filled out a form on a wesbite called JunkMyCar. The next day, a guy showed up and handed me $350, I signed over the title, and he towed it away. It literally took five minutes.

It was quick, painless money for something I didn’t need anymore — but for some reason, I don’t do that with old electronics, even though I already know where to sell stuff online.

I have multiple old laptops and phones around the house, and I’m not the only one. Nearly 9 in 10 Americans, keep unused, outdated technology, according to a new study by ecoATM, an electronics recycling company. It also found…

  • A quarter of adults under 50 have obsolete smartphones
  • 10 percent of Americans have sold outdated tablets
  • 24 percent have recycled small electronics, and 12 percent would consider just throwing them in the garbage (which is illegal in several states)
  • 37 percent of Americans hold onto old electronics because of nostalgia
  • 48 percent of Americans still have VCRs
  • Most men (66 percent) and women (53 percent) believe their current wallet or purse will outlast their current phone

What if unloading your gadgets was as easy as dumping my car? Would you do it? You’ve got options, and one way to get a quick price comparison is Flipsy.

If you want to know more about some of the most popular places to sell your stuff, including things that don’t require batteries, check out our list below. We’ve tried to leave off places that require you to “manage shop,” although some have that option and take a smaller cut of the money if you do.

All electronics


  • Pays by: Amazon gift card/credit
  • Speed: Up to 10 business days to arrive plus 2 days to process
  • Effort: Print a prepaid shipping label, package the goods, and drop them off
  • Also takes: DVDs, CDs video games, textbooks

Gadget Salvation

  • Pays by: PayPal or check
  • Speed: 2 days to process after arrival
  • Effort: Print a prepaid packing slip and take the item to a UPS store. Items worth $50 or more get a free box, otherwise you pack it yourself.
  • Also takes: Broken gadgets

  • Pays by: PayPal or check
  • Speed: About a week
  • Effort: Free shipping through USPS or FedEx and you can have either pick it up
  • Also takes: Broken gadgets


  • Pays by: PayPal, check, or Target gift card
  • Speed: Same day as arrival for PayPal, 3-14 days for check or gift card
  • Effort: Free shipping through UPS, you pack and send
  • Also takes: Video games


  • Pays by: Glyde credit, bank deposit, Bitcoin, or check
  • Speed: 2-3 days after buyer receives the item
  • Effort: You have to list items, but no photos or description required, and use a free shipping kit
  • Also takes: Video games, CDs, DVDs, and broken phones

Phones and tablets

  • Pays by: Check or PayPal
  • Speed: Same day the goods arrive, or 2-3 business days for checks
  • Effort: Pack the goods in a free shipping kit and drop them off


  • Pays by: Check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card
  • Speed: 3-5 business days to ship, 3-5 business days to process, 7-10 more days for checks
  • Effort: Pack the goods (they send a box for small electronics worth more than $30) and use a prepaid label to ship
  • Also takes: Apple computers and iPods


  • Pays by: PayPal or check
  • Speed: Within 5 business days of receiving your item
  • Effort: You get a free shipping kit
  • Also takes: Textbooks and video games

Clothing and accessories


  • Pays by: Store credit or PayPal
  • Speed:The site’s FAQ says it can take 1-3 weeks to arrive, and then they process your bag within 40 days.
  • Effort: Pack up like-new clothes in the bag they send, and use a prepaid label to send via USPS or FedEx.
  • Also takes: Shoes, handbags, accessories


  • Pays by: PayPal
  • Speed: Up to 48 hours after the item sells
  • Effort: A bit more like eBay or Etsy, you have to provide photos and list your item for sale. But you’ll get a shipping kit in the mail to send it in, and there aren’t reviews or anything to worry about.
  • Also takes: Wedding dresses

Bag Borrow or Steal

  • Pays by: Check
  • Speed: 3-7 business days after they receive the item
  • Effort: You can sell to the site with the usual Effort (use a prepaid label to send it) or sell as consignment which requires an item listing with photos.
  • Also takes: Brand-name shoes, watches, sunglasses, jewelry


  • Pays by: PayPal
  • Speed: 24 hours after a buyer (not Threadflip) receives the item
  • Effort: You can sell to the site with the usual Effort (use a prepaid shipping bag to send it) or sell as consignment which requires an item listing with photos.
  • Also takes: Women’s shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories



  • Pays by: PayPal or check
  • Speed: Within 48 hours of receiving your books
  • Effort: Use a prepaid shipping label, pack them up, and ship them off
  • Also takes: Textbooks

CDs and DVDs


  • Pays by: Check
  • Speed: Up to 7 days to process after receiving the order, and 7-10 business days for a check to arrive
  • Effort: Use a prepaid shipping pabel, pack them up, and ship them off
  • Also takes: Video games and Blu-ray

More tech stuff…

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