Industry experts estimate that more people will buy technology for Christmas than ever before.

Of course you want the new iPhone for Christmas. So does everybody else.

But all those $199* iPhones 6 make up just a small portion of the $33.76 billion that the Consumer Electronics Association estimates will be spent on just tech gifts for the 2014 holiday season. That’s an increase of 2.5 percent from last year, and the highest amount spent on technology since CEA began tracking trends in 1994.

CEA lists the top five items on their list of products they say consumers will want to be given most this year. Phones come in fourth place…

Top Holiday Tech Wish List

  1. Tablets
  2. Notebook/Laptop computers
  3. TVs
  4. Smartphones
  5. Video game consoles

That list doesn’t quite match up with what consumers say they’re going to give, however. Here’s the breakdown of what gifts will actually be given this holiday season. CEA says that technology will account for 63 percent of all gifts given this year…

Top Holiday Tech Gifts

  1. Headphones and earbuds
  2. Tablets
  3. Notebook/laptop computers
  4. TVs
  5. Smartphones

New tech products get a shout-out too, with items like the smart watch, health and fitness devices, and smart home devices all coming in at a little less than 10 percent of expected purchases.

One product that didn’t make the list? Drones. MarketWatch reports that for the first time, “drones” are one of the top autofill responses in Google that pop up when you type in “I want to buy,” in addition to “house,” “car,” and “stock.” Drone manufacturers expect a triple-digit leap in sales this holiday season, thanks to loosening commercial drone regulations in the U.S.

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