Seniors tend to believe that online banking is complicated and easy to hack. But that's overwhelmingly not the case.

Dear Grandma,

You’re not the only one who avoids online banking — half the people your age don’t. But I want to convince you to try it. It’s not as scary or unsafe as you’ve heard in the past, and it can actually save you money.

A new survey from iTOK, a company that fixes your computer remotely, asked people your age why they aren’t using online banking features. Here’s what they said…

  • 82 percent had “privacy concerns”
  • 31 percent said it was “too complicated”
  • 10 percent said they would need help to set it up
  • 4 percent don’t own a computer

I know you have a computer, so you don’t need to worry about that last one. Here why think you should give online banking a try…

1. Online banking is easy

When I log into my bank’s online account,  I can see my balance without doing anything. I can pay all my bills online, including my rent, utilities, and cell phone.

My bank also has QuickPay, which lets me send money to anyone with a valid email address. This is an awesome feature, because it means I can pay my student loans without mailing a check, which takes time, money, and a visit to the post office. And if I need to transfer money between accounts, I can do that without having to visit the bank.

2. Online banking is safe

I check my bank statements online every single day. Not only can I track my spending, but I’ll instantly know if someone has stolen my identity and made charges on my card.

In the iTOK survey, one participant commented, “Online banking has had way too many ‘hacking’ incidents.” Fortunately for us, that’ not true. There’s only been one major hacking incident recently, and it hasn’t affected consumers because the hackers weren’t after our money, which is insured anyway.

Banks are among the safest, most secure institutions. They’ve always focused on security, because their very business depends on being able to keep our money safe, whether that’s online or IRL (in real life).

You are far more likely to get “hacked” by using your credit card at Home Depot or getting an X-ray at a hospital than you are by using an online bank account.

With a good password identity theft is more rare, but we can make you more secure.

3. Online banking is convenient

Some banks will send you text messages if anyone besides you tries to access your account. My bank also texts me if I have less $50 in my account and if I spend more than $125 in one transaction. You can set those for any amount you want.

This feature can save you money, because my bank charges a $30 overdraft fee if I charge more than I have in my account. That doesn’t happen now because I get a warning on my phone.

I hope these reasons have helped convince you to take the online banking challenge. 🙂  And if you need assistance setting one up, I’m more than happy to help! In the meantime, you can also check out ways to keep yourself safe online.

Love you, Grandma!

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