This week: Are computers hackers really smart? Or are we really stupid?

3 billion

Computer passwords that were stolen worldwide in 2016, says security firm Thycotic. By 2020, the firm estimates that number will grow to 300 billion.

63 percent

Americans who “rate their knowledge of cybersecurity equal to or higher than the likes of Donald Trump,” says Blumberg Capital. For Hillary Clinton, it’s 62 percent. Then again, “45 percent of people admitted to not being able to recognize a cyber crime unless contacted by a vendor or law enforcement authorities.”

55 percent

Americans who “feel their data is safe from hackers,” according to Reportlinker. Yet “two-thirds agree cyber-attacks are more of a threat now than they were five years ago.”

40 percent

Major corporations who say they have problems hiring “knowledgeable and experienced security practitioners” to protect their computers, says Citrix. That might be why less than half of those companies “security policies in place to ensure employees and third parties only have the appropriate access to sensitive business information.”

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