This week: From texting to batteries, what do we really know?

44 percent

Millennials who admit they text and drive — and don’t agree with experts that it’s unsafe, according to Erie Insurance. And 19 percent don’t regularly wear seat belts, either.

29 percent

Senior citizens who say “they couldn’t live without” their cell phone, according to Senior Helpers. Meanwhile, 32 percent “spend more than 20 hours a week on the internet, with 10 percent of those online for 40-plus hours per week.”

24 percent

American adults “did not know a battery could be replaced” in a smartphone, according to Batteries Plus Bulbs. Meanwhile 27 percent “would give up alcoholic beverages for one year” in order to always have a fully-charged phone.

11 percent

Americans say they check their smartphone “every few minutes,” according to Gallup. While 85 percent check “a few times an hour” to “a few times a day,” 2 percent check “less than once a day.” Who are these people?

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