This week: The economy is roaring back, if you believe these interesting indicators.

convenience store sales

86 percent

Convenience store owners who “said they expected their sales to increase in the coming year,” according to C-Store Wholesale. Why? Low gas prices. They don’t expect their customers to save that money: “By being properly stocked up on products like cigarettes and energy drinks, convenience store owners will be able to capitalize on the low gas prices by being the place where customers spend their extra money.”

disney cruise

37 percent

Travel agents who report “an increase in bookings of 14- to 100-day cruises,” according to the Cruise Lines International Association. This includes Holland America’s “115-day Grand World Voyage” that costs $22,000 to $80,000 per person for an inside cabin. If you have to ask what a porthole costs, you can’t afford it.

business travel

33 percent

Business travelers “who enjoy more adult beverages while traveling do so to take advantage of generous expense accounts,” according to Omni Hotels. “Separately, 37 percent of travelers don’t consider finances when eating on the road, whether dining out or ordering room service.”

new TV

26 percent

Americans who say “they will purchase a new TV this year,” according to deals site Of those, 38 percent are under 30 years old, and more than half will spend over $500.

american chemistry council

3.6 percent

How much the Chemical Activity Barometer has risen since last year. The American Chemistry Council insists this is the most reliable economic indicator of them all: “It has been shown to provide a longer lead (or perform better) than the National Bureau of Economic Research.” Why? Because when the economy improves, industries of all kinds need chemicals to make their stuff. And you thought your high school chemistry class was a waste of time.

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