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Here are the most-searched for Halloween costumes in each state.

This year’s Halloween spending is expected to top a ghastly $8.4 billion, the highest figure since the National Retail Federation began surveying consumers about their holiday spending. Where do the sale of Halloween costumes fit into that number?

The biggest chunk of that is on costumes: $1.5 billion on costumes for adults — $1.17 billion for kids, and even $420 million on pet costumes. Candy is another $2.5 billion, but we spend about the same on candy for Easter.

Also according to the NRF’s research, there’s no particular place where people draw their costume inspiration from. Americans report being evenly influenced by social media, friends and family, and pop culture. We decided to take a look at what’s trending by checking the most popular Google search terms with “costume” in them in each state. Check out the results…

The surprising conclusions:

  1. Stick figures are extremely popular, ranking in the top 3 for 17 states.
  2. People in South Dakota know exactly what they want to be for Halloween: Batman bad guys and nothing else.
  3. Coloradans mostly want to be animals, not fictional characters.
  4. The weird gorilla masks that used to be popular are relevant again because of the Harambe memes.

Then there are the unsurprising conclusions. For instance, election years feature some horrifying political costumes, especially with a well-timed horror movie like The Purge.

And second: Many of the classics never go out of style. A good witch or vampire costume is a solid Halloween investment you can reuse every few years — as long as you don’t outgrow it.

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